5 Tips for Choosing a Tux to Wear to a Colleague’s Wedding

5 Tips for Choosing a Tux to Wear to a Colleague’s Wedding

A colleague has just invited you to their wedding. The next step is choosing what to wear to the occasion. Picking the clothes to wear at a wedding is challenging, especially for men. Unlike ladies, men don’t have several options to choose from. Instead of wearing the standard suit to a work colleague’s wedding, why not go in a tuxedo to the wedding?

1. Pick a Tux that Will Not Make You Overshadow the Groom

Although you should select a tux that matches the day’s theme, avoid those that will make you outdo the groom and the groomsmen. The suit should be classic but one that overshadows whatever the groom will choose to wear for the day. That is because it is the groom’s day and he should stand out from all people attending the big day. You can find out the kind of clothes the groom has chosen for the day before settling on the day’s tux.

2. Choose a Tux that Will Not Be Out of Fashion Soon

If you’ve ever checked a wedding album from a few years back and laughed at the dressing code, consider a fashion that will not fade with time. Choose a creative tux from the current trends to remain fashionable for many years. Select a timeless trendy tux.

3. You Can Either Buy or Rent

In this day and age, you will find many people who own tux suits. You can borrow or rent from a close friend or relative instead of spending too much to purchase one for the day. However, if you have the cash, you can buy one since you will wear it on other occasions. If you don’t love suits, renting could be the best option.

4. Choose the Right Colors

Even though it is important to check out your colleague’s wedding theme color, the best tux colors would be black and white. The colors will be best for any wedding theme. However, you may also settle on midnight blue, which is best for people with light hair. It appears just like black at night. Why not try it and look fashionable?

5. Select a Good Tailor

Look for a good company that offers great tailoring techniques for that classic look. You might need some adjustments on the suit between the time you buy it and the wedding day. Your jacket sleeves might need shortening, and additional buttonhole, among other adjustments. Even though you will have to pay for the changes, you should ensure that the tux looks perfect for the day. If you already have a good tailor that does your suits, then that is where you should go for the adjustments. Otherwise, ask for recommendations from your friends and loved ones.

If a colleague has invited you to their wedding, you need to find the right attire for the day. A tux suit can be a great choice. However, you should find the right one for the day to avoid outdoing the groom and groomsmen and continue feeling comfortable through the day. If you have settled on a tux, the above are the tips you should consider to pick the best for the day.