Success Financial Team Explains The Elements Of A Viral Marketing Video On TikTok

Success Financial Team tiktok tips

Since its launch in 2016 by the Chinese technology company ByteDance, Tiktok has grown to become one of the most popular social media apps, with more than half a billion users worldwide.

For most people, the major attraction to the platform is that it allows them to express themselves in a very creative and fun way and share with people around the world whom they may never have the chance to meet.

Given its broad appeal, it’s not unexpected that some companies have started using the platform to engage new audiences, generate leads, and raise awareness of their businesses.

In this interview, a representative from Success Financial Team would discuss what a video should contain to go viral on Tiktok and other information on making the best use of the platform.

Is Tiktok’s present popularity among Gen Z and millennial consumers reasonable grounds for advising a company to create TikTok Marketing videos?

In the past, businesses had to invest years in building a sizable fan base via advertisements on television and radio. However, with TikTok, a 15 to 30-second short-form video material can catapult a business into the public eye overnight.

I feel companies should not ignore the powers of such a platform that can generate views in the east time. Let them tap into it by creating marketing videos that will capture the public’s attention and help keep their brand current and relevant.

What methods exist for businesses to produce marketing content for TikTok users?

My years of experience at Success Financial Team have taught me that the most effective method of producing successful marketing videos on TikTok is by engaging a team of experts after thorough research on what will appeal to the general public. 

Additionally, businesses can use influencer-created content to help spread the word about a new product or to keep the spotlight on the company.

What elements must a viral TikTok marketing video have?

While there are a lot of elements a viral Tiktok video must have, the most necessary elements are authenticity, a little bit of comedy, relatability and the inclusion of popular people-pleasing aspects such as animals, children, food and music.

What would you suggest a company do to enhance the likelihood that a Tiktok marketing video would get the necessary traction?

I suggest making a private release of the video content to a small group of TikTok users before releasing it publicly so you can gauge their feedback and make necessary modifications before the final upload. 

Businesses may also employ TikTok’s premium services, like Top view, Infeed Videos, and Brand Takeovers, to increase their video’s reach.

The most beneficial action, though, is to design hashtag challenges along with the content your company is promoting. 

Users who have fun while viewing the content are more likely to encourage others to participate.

When the popularity of the TikTok marketing video starts to decline, are there any alternative ways for a firm to retain the audience engaged in its content?

The key to sustaining users’ attention is consistency. After gaining a wider reach with a viral video, your business should build on its success with a slew of more exciting content to further engage your TikTok viewers.

Information on freebies that customers may receive when they interact with your company’s TikTok posts should also be included in your next set of uploads.