4 Reasons to Invest in Synthetic Motor Oil for a Company Fleet

4 Reasons to Invest in Synthetic Motor Oil for a Company Fleet

The performance of your engine is affected by the quality of engine oil. You can choose conventional or synthetic motor oil, but the latter is preferred. Whereas conventional oil is created and distilled from natural crude oil, synthetic oil is carefully manufactured in the labs. High-quality base oil is engineered to have uniform molecules, and additives are added to enhance its performance. Here are four reasons you should use synthetic motor oil for a company fleet.

1. Synthetic Motor Oil Has Constant Viscosity

Viscosity defines the ease of flow of oil in your engine. For optimal performance, the engine oil must be thick enough to offer efficient lubrication on the moving parts of your engine. The oil should also be thin enough to access all moving parts. There are different grades of viscosity for different engines. For instance, a grade like 5W-30 represents a required viscosity of 5 for cold and 30 for warm weather. Since synthetic oil is manufactured from high-quality base oil, it has a uniform molecular structure and can provide consistent viscosity over a range of temperatures and time.

2. It Effectively Reduces Friction in Your Engine

Because of its molecular structure, synthetic oil operates at constant velocity while minimizing friction in your engine. Unlike conventional motor oil with non-uniform molecules making it difficult to reduce friction, synthetic motor oil works efficiently. Besides, the random and uneven shape of the conventional oil makes it prone to impurities that can coat your moving parts resulting in sludge. Synthetic oil is carefully manufactured to remove any impurities and be of uniform molecules, thus effectively reducing the friction in your engine.

3. It Has a Longer Lifespan

Your engine oil may periodically need to be changed to enhance its efficiency. However, synthetic motor oil has a more extended life service because of the way it is manufactured. Besides its constant viscosity and reduced friction, synthetic motor oil has a lowered evaporation rate, is resistant to oxidation and thermal breakdown, and is made of high-quality detergents that clean your engine. Moreover, synthetic motor oil has better fuel efficiency and increased horsepower and thus offers high performance for a longer time than conventional oil. With such advantages, synthetic motor oil does not need to be changed more frequently and will allow your engine to last longer.

4. It Has a Higher Shear Strength

Shear strength is how well your oil can handle the physical stress that the moving parts it is meant to protect. Any motor oil can break down over time, which is called shearing, and shearing happens most when the engine is hotter. It is worth noting that the shear strength of conventional motor oil is not very high. When it gets hot, the way it flows changes. Besides, conventional oil breaks down faster and can only be used for fewer miles. However, because of the wide range of temperatures synthetic oil can handle and the time it lasts, the oil has a much higher shear strength and thus can handle your engine’s wear and tear more effectively than conventional oil. 

Remember, the performance of your engine oil can only be as good as the quality of motor oil that you use. Consider using synthetic motor oil for better performance and increased efficiency.