6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Help Improve Your Ability to Focus

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Help Improve Your Ability to Focus

The ability to focus in the current decade has never been easy because of the growing number of distractions. For instance, a survey of 50,000 people revealed that users check their texts or emails every six minutes. You might be in such a scenario and want to improve your ability to focus. Here are six budget-friendly ways to help you focus.

1- Have Rest Intervals

An interesting model in Ernest L. Rossi’s book the 20-Minute Break that shows optimal performance can be realized by working in intervals. For instance, you can take 90 minutes of intense activity and then take a 20 minutes health break. The breaks can be tailored depending on your work schedule. The activity-rest cycle is important to rejuvenate your brain activity and reduce the rising stress hormone that increases in intense activities.

2- Go Offline

Research at the University of California revealed that when active users are interrupted from doing their job for at least three minutes, they can lose over an hour cumulatively. One of the common interruptions is going online and checking social media. Therefore, a good way to maintain your focus could be going offline. You can decide to put your phone to be in airplane mode and try to focus on your current activity. Doing this will increase your efficiency by minimizing the time you lose checking your socials.

3- Get Enough Sleep

A tired mind can greatly impair the ability to focus because of a lack of enough sleep. The moment you consistently deprive yourself of enough sleep, you hinder your ability to focus. Lack of enough sleep negatively impacts your short-term and long-term memory, thus reducing your ability to concentrate. Try to get enough quality sleep for about 8 hours so that your brain can be active and enable you to focus on your activity.

4- Try Using CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound in hemp plants, has proven to help maintain focus. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system(ECS) in your body, which is responsible for maintaining hemostasis, which regulates mood, memory, sleep, and appetite. Using CBD products supports the functions of the ECS by interacting with its receptors, thus promoting healing and balance that can go a long way in helping maintain your focus.

5- Have SMART Goals

You will likely lose focus because of immersing yourself in a lot of work that cannot be finished. An intense workload is not helpful and can easily make you lose focus as you will be overwhelmed. You can try breaking your tasks into smaller realistic goals. The SMART formula, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely goals, can help you concentrate and focus on specific goals.

6- Practice Meditation

Getting at least a one-minute pause can be easy for you and help you to remain focused. Research from Columbia University has revealed that at least a minute of meditation can help you to concentrate better and relax. Through the practice of systematic meditation, you can implement permanent change in the brain areas that is responsible for anxiety and depression. As such, practicing meditation can reduce tension and anxiety, thus enabling you to focus.