4 Ideas for Renovating an Office Lobby Space on a Tight Budget

4 Ideas for Renovating an Office Lobby Space on a Tight Budget

Whether you’re trying to impress clients with a grand opening or want to spruce up the exterior of your office, renovating an office lobby space on a tight budget is an achievable goal. The office Lobby is mainly used by customers and visitors, and it needs to look presentable. You can make changes in this place, like decorating the floors and walls, replacing furniture, or redesigning them. Here is a list of four ideas to spruce up your office lobby space on a tight budget.

1. Opt for an Open Plan Layout

One of the cheapest ways to spruce up an office space is through simple design changes. Before you begin any renovation in your lobby, the first step is determining what style you want the room to be. If you’re working with a tight budget but still want your lobby to look finished and polished, opt for an open plan layout. The open plan is cheap if you don’t opt for expensive materials like marble or granite. The open plan design has a very modern feel to it and is cost-friendly.

2. Light it Up

Lights are a must in any space. While they may be functional, they can also add a specific style element to your office. They’re essential in an office since you often spend a lot of time in the workstation.

Choose colorful lighting for your lobby stations if you want a more glamorous look for your office. The colored light can help lift the atmosphere of your workplace. It will be the perfect finishing touch for your space, and it is very cost-effectively.

3. Go for New Flooring

Another cheap way to spruce up your lobby is by choosing new flooring. Tile floors are more popular these days and are also easy on the wallet. There are plenty of tile flooring options that look like wood. While plenty of unique and exciting tile patterns are available, avoid anything too expensive. A simple checkerboard pattern or a simple stripe pattern will add to your office’s casual feel.

4. Use an Architectural Engineer for Design Services

The designing process has never been easier without the help of an architectural engineer. It is a service that will give you a precise plan for your office lobby and help you through the entire design process. An architectural engineer will listen to what you need, make some drafts, and give you a better idea of what your office lobby will look like at the end.

It is important for you to choose the right architect for your project. The key to choosing the right architect is doing research. You should look for an architect with experience and expertise. You should also look at their past projects, learn about their specialization, and get reviews from their clients.

By carefully choosing the right décor and furniture, office lobby space can help your business make a great impression. You should find good ideas for renovating and repairing your office. Contact the office furniture and décor professionals today if you need help renovating an old office lobby space.