Pondering metrics for the Cleanweb leadership network

While we’re not operating a marketplace per se for Cleanweb, we are taking the same approach as Josh suggests below to build the global network facilitators and partners. Chris and I do consider them family and each and every one of them are folks we would hang out with outside of Cleanweb business.

In the past couple days I’ve had chats w two successful marketplace entrepreneurs. I was amazed to see that one of them had only 12 individuals on the supply side supporting a 32k monthly business.  He knew every one of their names and new that one was having some health concerns.  They were all part of the family.  In another conversation, Chris Waldron from TakeLessons shared that he included every provider in the network in a bi-weekly town hall meeting.  They were treated just as he treats the full employees of the company.  This could only happen with a complete focus on the core full timers of the business.