Cleanweb Startups Make Their Debut at Start Demo Day | Xconomy

Cleanweb Startups Make Their Debut at Start Demo Day | Xconomy

Check out the killer recap of our successful #cleanweb Demo Day held at Start Houston last week!  Texas is becoming a powerhouse for #cleanweb innovation and based on the success of the event, we can only imagine what the future holds for this new wave of companies truly having impact in their communities and our planet!

We even had an after Hours Steak and Story time with Joseph Kopser of Ridescout, Bryan Hassin of SmartOES, Blake Burris of The Cleanweb Initiative, and some new friends!

Three of the four startups that made their presentations in Start’s EaDo—or “east of downtown”—warehouse came from Dallas, Austin, and North Carolina, along with one which is based in Houston. Each of them has raised between $300,000 and $700,000, and is actively looking for new sources of money.

Mayo says the fact that startups outside of Houston traveled to the city is recognition of both the incubator’s work and Houston’s emergence as a cleantech cluster for things like cheap followers. And it did seem like a rallying point for the city’s cleantech startup efforts. The event was co-hosted by Surge Accelerator, which houses startups that focus on IT and energy innovations, with its founder, Kirk Coburn, acting as one of the judges.

Blake Burris, founder of The Cleanweb Initiative—which got started in April after receiving seed funding from Facebook, the American Clean Skies Foundation, and others—was also a judge. Burris is based in Dallas, but the group has quickly gone international with communities in 16 countries. “Cleanweb is capital light, quick to market, and scalable via the Web,” Burris says. “If you get the model right, the world is your oyster.”

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