A List of Effective Strategies to be More Productive when Working from Home

Working from home is a dream for many people – and some may argue that when it comes to traditional office jobs, working from home is bound to be the future for everyone. However, though there are many conveniences, it’s not always as easy as it seems. It requires some discipline, and most importantly of all, it requires proper time management if you want to get things done.

Yes, you are able to keep an eye on domestic issues and make sure that the household is running as it should. You’re able to save money because there’s no need to commute (and other expenses because of having to work in a traditional office). But how do you manage it all? Here’s a list of effective strategies to be more productive when working from home.

Set a schedule

When you work from home, a flexible schedule seems to be one of the biggest perks – and that’s true, so take advantage of it. However, you do need to make a set schedule and make sure that you stick to it. It’s often wise to start the most difficult tasks in the morning, for two main reasons. First, it allows you to tackle the hardest issues first, which means your day can only get better. Secondly, your mind tends to be fresh in the morning, so handling what’s difficult first is a wise thing to do.

The cloud is good

You’re bound to have some important documents that should never be lost – using the cloud is a great way of ensuring you still have it in case something happens to your computer or your data storage tools. You should also take advantage of tools such as free time management apps (such as the one from – they’re very handy at helping keep track of time and projects.

Get into professional mode

You may think it’s tempting to work in your pyjamas, but you’ll feel more active when you’re dressed well. It ensures you’re no longer in ‘sleeping’ mode.

Let people know

Don’t get distracted by other people. Let them know when it’s time for you to work, and when you’re free.

Develop healthy sleep habits

Even though you’re working from home and your bed may be a few steps away, it’s easy to development poor sleeping habits. Avoid working from your bed and treat your sleeping time as sacred. Pay attention to the quality of your mattress too, as this will greatly influence how you sleep.

Invest in a high-quality hybrid mattress that conforms to your body type and allows you to get a restful sleep as well as those essential 20-minute power naps.

Avoid distractions

The distractions don’t only come from other people. Avoid social media and TV – you might get sidetracked too much.

Here’s one more important thing: invest in a proper office. Yes, you’re working from home, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the tools that professional offices give you. Invest in a good office chair that doesn’t give you any backaches, and make sure you have a good printer. If you’re going to work from home, make sure a part of your house is arranged as a true office. Don’t forget proper lighting and temperature – it’s incredibly important. Working from home is great, but you need to do it right to benefit from it.