New Technologies You May Not Have Heard About

New Technologies You May Not Have Heard About

2017 was full of new cell phones, laptops, and smart technology. With these devices capturing customers’ attentions, numerous creations and advancements fell through the cracks. Today, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most amazing technologies from 2017 and the start of 2018.

  1. The Beating Heart in a Box

Over 100,000 people are waiting list candidates for a lifesaving organ. Three percent will have a chance to obtain one this year, mostly due to the inflexible nature of organ transport systems. With the new technology dubbed “The Beating Heart in a Box” (officially titled the Organ Care System), organs may be able to “survive” for much longer. “This could have a profound impact on the amount of damage organs sustain,” says Simmrin Law Group’s attorney Sherry Cross. “That could also reduce chances of unintentional medical malpractice that results from transplants.” Testing is underway in the US.

  1. Amazon Go Store

Imagine being able to avoid that long, waiting line at the grocery store. That’s what Amazon accomplished with their first Amazon Go store in Seattle, Washington. Customers go in, pick what they need, drop it in supplied bags, and walk out. The items bought are added to the customer’s Amazon account through the company’s smartphone app, the only two requirements to shop at Amazon Go. The specifics behind Amazon’s technology are still somewhat of a mystery, with the company only admitting it uses computer vision and machine learning software.

  1. Neural Bypasses

The concept of neural bypass isn’t new, but scientists and doctors are making headway in several areas, including paralysis. In 2014, French neuroscientist Grégoire Courtine successfully taught a rat to walk again using a combination of drugs and electrical stimulation. More recently, a similar study was executed on a human subject by neuroscientist Susan Harkema. The results were both astounding and promising. Due to the treatment, Rob Summers was soon moving his legs and even gaining control of his bladder.

  1. Linksquare

Have you ever wondered what was in that quesadilla you ate last night? The Linksquare, a handheld device about the length of a hand, tells you. By using infrared light, it detects the molecular makeup of a liquid or solid object, a priceless artifact for any would-be treasure hunters. Don’t be too hasty to dig up the yard, though; the Linksquare is especially useful in identifying foods and encouraging healthy eating styles.

  1. The RED Smartphone

Okay, so this might fall into that cell phone, laptop, and smart technology we were talking about earlier, but this gadget is too interesting to pass by. Haven’t you always thought how amazing it would be to have a hologram on your phone, your laptop—pretty much anywhere? RED’s Hydrogen One cell has this capability. Hover gestures allowing you to interact with these displays are, of course, part of the deal. This can be yours for $1,195.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, 2018 has a lot to live up to.


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