Going Paperless: Streamlining the Customer Journey

Despite technology now supporting businesses in different ways, there are still some parts of companies’ workflows that rely on paperwork and documents. Relying on paper documents is not without its risks. In most cases, asking customers to submit paper documents can seriously hurt the customer journey.

With most – if not all – employees and customers using mobile devices, going paperless and streamlining everything into a mobile solution is a logical move. In fact, making the switch to a paperless customer journey is not as difficult as you think.

Recognizing the Challenges

There is no single solution that will fit every business or industry, so customization is the key. Before planning an implementation of the paperless customer journey, it is important that you recognize the challenges you face.

As mentioned before, relying on paper documents can hurt your customer journey. You also risk losing important forms or reports, which will further degrade the customer experience and create other problems along the way.

On a bigger scale, paper documents pose serious risks to your cash flow, as well as operating efficiency. The amount of time required to convert documents such as orders or customer waivers into digital files that can be managed properly is certainly worth minimizing.

Planning for the Switch

Planning a paperless customer journey begins with choosing the right solution to use. While there are a lot of great solutions that can help you digitize forms and create a truly paperless environment for your customers, only a few of them are suitable for advanced users.

GoCanvas is a great solution to consider. There are several reasons why GoCanvas apps and forms are being used by government and private entities alike. For starters, there are waiver apps that you can use out of the box for accepting client waivers.

On top of that, GoCanvas is highly customizable. You can create your own forms for various purposes and instantly streamline data capture at any stage in your workflow. You can even customize behaviors and the way information is handled.

It doesn’t stop there either. GoCanvas offers features such as image capture and signature capture. The latter is important for when you need to authenticate the captured forms, such as in the case of customer wavers or purchase orders.

Adjusting to the Paperless Environment

The adjustment process is something that every company needs to go through when switching to a paperless environment. While form apps and supporting solutions are easier to use – especially now that everyone is accustomed to using mobile devices – there are still a lot of explaining to do.

After a while, however, the whole solution will provide extra efficiency to your operation. Instead of spending time manually filing documents from customers, sales administrators and officers can focus more on delivering the best customer experience.

Let’s not forget that going paperless also means saving money on file storage and handling costs. It doesn’t take long before the small savings you make here and there turn into a substantial boost to your bottom line. Going paperless is a logical step to take in today’s modern and competitive market.