Aggregating Energy for Franchisees

Aggregating Energy for Franchisees

If you’re a franchiser, you know the value of buying in bulk, so why not treat energy the same way? Opening up a dialog about the benefits of aggregating energy to your franchisees can save around a fifth of your energy budget.

Franchisees, such as of Dunkin Donuts, who have been saving 15-20% of their energy expense since 2011 by buying from a provider who aggregates energy, are great pre-existing groups to take advantage of aggregate energy.

How Does Aggregating Energy Work?

Basically, when a group of customers, often the citizens of a township or city, but in our case, franchisees of a single franchisor, buy energy for many customers at once, a sort of “bulk discount” can be placed, so each individual is paying less than they otherwise would have.

There are still limits to this practice. For example, it is most often regional, so franchisees in different areas may have to form numerous smaller groups, but the savings are still there.

Additional Benefits

To make the most of your energy spend, some providers of aggregated energy will also create energy budgets for you. This saves energy spend, which has the added bonus of being green, which can also be a selling point for certain customers.

Also, each franchisee could still have the independence to decide if going with the pack is right for them. Even Tesla is hopping on board with aggregating energy in their research of sustainable practices, so clearly it is the way of the future.