SEO Strategy for Mobile SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Many companies know that they have to utilize SEO on their websites (or have heard of the term) in order for your website to be more presentable and rank higher on Google. What most companies don’t know is though, is that with the dawn of smart phones, mobile SEO has become just as important. If you don’t optimize your website with a solid mobile SEO (a.k.a MSEO) strategy, you’re actually hurting yourself in the end.

So What Exactly is MSEO?
Mobile search engine optimization, as briefly described above, is optimizing your website’s content to achieve better search engine rankings on sites like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Google is the top search engine that has more than 90% of the market on mobile with their Android phones (even iPhone users frequent Google). People are using their mobile phones more than anything today, Even Google’s search rankings have changed so that they will analyze the mobile content of a web page to place your website at its search engine ranking. So, if you don’t have proper mobile SEO on your website, you won’t have high ranked content.

It’s been proving that people even shop now with their mobile phones, which means that nearly half of the public would rather just search for a product, and even purchase it on their phones, as compared to a computer or tablet. If you are trying to reach a dedicated target market, or attract customers, then mobile SEO will help you make this happen so you get more traffic, and more potential buyers.

With voice searching on the rise (when someone speaks for a phrase to pull up search results on their phone), if your website is not optimized properly for mobile devices, then they won’t be able to see your website or mobile site on their search engine results.

How You Can Monitor Your Mobile Traffic
Google Analytics has a unique way of showing how much traffic you actually get with mobile devices as compared to desktop computers, and even tablets. You can look at your audience of traffic that hits your website and see explicit and fine details of how much of the traffic to your site was on a mobile device, as well as the date-specific timestamps of when visitors visited your site.

So How Do I Join the Mobile SEO Market?
Most templates that are modern and responsive have “mobile options” that are automatically generated in them, however you usually still need to customize and optimize it just as you would your desktop site. Google offers a mobile-friendly website test you can perform. If you are mobile friendly, you can then make sure that Google can spider your site (also known as crawling), which is how a search engine can see and index your website. One good method is to create a sitemap. You also want to ensure that your mobile site is easy for customers to navigate, so they can see all of your page content on their phones.

Don’t just go by Google; you can also use a website called Performing these tests will help you furthermore increase your mobile SEO. Be sure to make sure your mobile site is also easy to load with Google mobile’s website speed test, and other forms. You want your site responsive as well, as people are using smart phones, and like seeing some mild animations and they’re tapping instead of clicking and typing. If you use popups, you can create mobile friendly popups that appear on the page and offer to have people opt-in to your advertising campaigns.