Cybersecurity for Hedge Funds: When the “Impossible” Happens—and Before

Cybersecurity for Hedge Funds: When the “Impossible” Happens—and Before

Hackers Don’t Take Holidays

For many hedge funds, cybersecurity can be an unfortunate afterthought. And when crises occur, they can seem as if they’ve popped up from nowhere. However, this is rarely the case. In order for a breach to occur, some detail or new development has to have been ignored or overlooked. And when a hedge fund has been working with the same cybersecurity team—in or out of house—it’s human nature to become complacent. Unfortunately, complacency in the cybersecurity realm can really affect a fund’s future. The financial services industry is all about trust, and once that trust has been broken, it can be difficult—if not impossible—to regain it.

Free Consultations from Agio

Many executives equate stringent cybersecurity with high costs; this does not always have to be the case. Sometimes, a group like Agio can come in and offer up ideas that do not entail a great deal of spending. And there is no way to know what the cost might be without consulting the team at Agio first. Also, it’s crucial to note that hedge funds can’t afford not to have excellent cybersecurity on their side. When the stakes are so high, there really is no harm is having a consultation—even if a hedge fund is generally happy with the cybersecurity system it currently has in place.

A Team with an Imagination

When it comes to cybersecurity, a group needs to be imaginative while analyzing current systems and discovering ways in which a client’s cybersecurity can be exploited. This is what the Agio team excels at particularly; by imagining all of the ways a bank or hedge fund can be targeted, they exist ahead of the curve. This is also why hedge funds will often pull Agio in for an independent assessment of their current practices. With a talent for prioritizing, the Agio team can identify the areas that need to be upgraded or revamped entirely. Although it may not be possible for the hedge fund to implement all of the changes simultaneously, this kind of assessment may end up becoming the factor that prevents a massive disaster. If need be, the Agio team can also make staffing recommendations. As a one-stop-shop for hedge fund cybersecurity, they have truly mastered this arena. Making use of the best technology platforms in the business, they have consistently managed to attract an array of high-profile clients.