Finding the Right Car Insurance for Your Needs and Your Budget

Finding the Right Car Insurance for Your Needs and Your Budget

Alberta residents are required to carry $200,000 in third party liability and accident benefits coverage for your car insurance. However, that is hardly sufficient to cover the costs incurred in a major accident these days. The Automobile Insurance Rate Board (AIRB), states that a wide majority of Alberta drivers, 98 percent, in fact, are vehicles for a minimum of $1,000,000 in third party liability protection.

The process of purchasing car insurance might appear a little complex at first glance. There are things you can do to take the complexity out of the equation and find the right protection at the right price to meet your personal needs and level of comfort. Fortunately, there are many options for purchasing car insurance in Alberta. Shoppers have the option of conducting research, getting quotes, and making insurance purchases in any one or more of the following ways:

  • From agents bound to a single insurance company.
  • From direct writer companies that have employees who sell insurance through offices and/or call centres.
  • From brokers who sell insurance from multiple insurance coverage providers.
  • Online through Internet websites.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to compare insurers and seek quotes from at least three different companies that offer very similar protection before choosing the one that works best with your needs and your budget.

Things You Want to Know about a Company Before Buying Car Insurance

Alberta car insurance companies come in all shapes and sizes. Learning a few key details about a company can help you make decide the company you want to do business with most. Here are a few things you want to know.

  • Is the company reputable for providing friendly customer service when people need it? Ask around, especially if you know people who have been in accidents.
  • Is it convenient to contact representatives for the company when you’re in an accident? Accidents never seem to happen at convenient times, will you be able to connect with someone when yours occurs?
  • Do they offer payment options that match your needs? Some companies have different payment policies. Not everyone can easily accommodate a six-month insurance payment. Look for companies that offer monthly payments or installment plans if necessary.
  • Do you qualify for discounts? Many insurance companies offer discounts for a variety of factors including safe driving, multiple vehicles, good grades for students, policy bundling, etc. How much can you save for these types of discounts?

If you’re still not meeting your needs for cost, consider raising your deductible to keep your monthly costs down. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice essential car insurance protection to save money. These questions will help you find the right coverage for the right price for your insurance protection.