Top 5 iPhone X Cases for Every Situation

Top 5 iPhone X Cases for Every Situation

Around 38 percent of consumers will drop their iPhone right out of their hand.

As it crashes down onto the floor, you’ll slowly turn over your phone to see whether the screen as smashed or not.

This experience is shared by millions of smartphone users around the world.

You’ve got a piece of expensive technology in your pocket. It only makes sense to protect it from scratches and scrapes with a case.

You don’t have to pick select a single best iPhone case. Check out these iPhone X cases for every situation below. Let’s get started!

1. Office Style

The iPhone Xs Leather Case is crafted with Italian leather to produce a lightweight phone case. This product offers you protection for your iPhone without having to compromise your style at the same time.

Perfect for work, if you want your iPhone to be as stylish as your leather wallet or handbag. The iPhone case is available in either black or saddle brown. 

2. Simple and Light 

This iPhone X case is without any fuss. You don’t want a case which adds extra bulk and weight in your pocket.

This case is made from polypropylene which will keep your phone protected forever. 

This phone case won’t just lessen the impact when you drop your iPhone. It’ll also help to prevent you from dropping it at all with enhanced grip.  

3. Serious Damage Limitation

Are you the kind of person that always drops your phone? Or, are you about to go somewhere where your phone could get damaged?

You can’t afford to keep replacing your iPhone with another one. It’s time you invest in a phone case which can protect your phone.

This two-layer design provides your phone with ultra-protection. You can reportedly drop it from 10-feet without any damage. This case also comes with a lifetime warranty.  

4. Chilling At Home 

You may get exhausted with removing your iPhone case every time you get home. It gets in the way sometimes when you want to charge your phone. 

However, this iPhone case works with wireless charging. 

Put it on your iPhone and forget it’s even there. It’s so thin, lightweight and practically invisible. 

5. Rain is Coming

Check the weather forecast before you leave home to decide which iPhone case to take with you. If rain is expected, you know what to do.

The Catalyst Waterproof case can protect your phone in wet weather. It has 10m waterproof protection and 2m drop protection. It may be expensive, but it’s worth it.

This case also has acoustic membranes installed which allow for increased clarity when talking on the phone. It has special technology which prevents any disruption to your touch screen as well. 

iPhone X Cases For Every Eventuality

You don’t need one iPhone X case. You need a different case for every situation. Whether you’re going to work or chilling at home, get the case which works for you.

What kind of iPhone X cases do you own? Let us know in the comments below.