Personal Situations That Can Impact Your Career In Negative Ways

Personal Situations That Can Impact Your Career In Negative Ways

Even those who are the best are separating personal life from professional life have a hard time compartmentalizing in extremely stressful situations. Dealing with situations outside of the workplace can be difficult especially if your job demands that you work long hours. Using work as a stress reliever is not common for many people to do but when in debt or going through a divorce the office can be a place where you clear your mind and just do your job. The following are situations that can impact your career and how to overcome these problems when they do occur.


A divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through as there life is going to inevitably change whether it is for the good or bad. The huge change can cause stress even for person that is sure that the relationship cannot work out. Taking time to sit down with your direct managers to let them know about this is important. Most employers will understand if you have a bad month or two when involved in a divorce or custody case. Hiding this could lead them to think

Serious Injury

If seriously injured in a car accident it is important to know your rights by enlisting a quality firm like Patino Law Firm in McAllen Texas. This can help you financially while you recover to get back to work after you have rehabbed your injury. The best thing that a person can do is to be honest with their employer as they are going to find out about an injury hindering work performance at one point or another. There is a chance you cannot work due to the medication you are on for pain; all of these things will be handled by the right lawyer. Your career shouldn’t be negatively impacted due to the negligence of the other party driving that was at fault for the accident.

Personal Health Impacting Performance

Having heart issues or being diagnosed with cancer is going to impact your career and life in general. Work your hardest at getting healthy as soon as you can as there is a chance management doesn’t notice a decline in performance if you have been reliable for years. Again, these are not things you night want to tell management but you should but asking them to keep it a secret is well within your rights.


Addiction impacts all types of people and falling into addiction can be far easier than you might think. Going to a few dinner meetings for work a week where you are expected to drink with clients can turn into a problem quickly. This is due to the likelihood of wanting to share a bottle of wine or drinks with friends during the weekend. Drugs like heroin or cocaine can take ahold of a person quickly so identifying this issue early can save your life. Recovery is far more difficult depending how deep your addiction went.

Your career is going to be impacted by your outside life but do not let it ruin your career. A rewarding career can be something a person can look back on favorably after they retire.