What do these house decor items say about you?

Home decor is what you make of it. For example, if you live, breathe and die for the New York Yankees, what’s wrong with having a diamond-shaped rug in your living room, half dozen framed Yankee pennants and a four-foot statue of Mickey Mantle on your mantel?

Hey, it’s your house, and in case you’ve debated whether to stay traditional or go all-out in your decor, here are some clever ideas others have boldly gone where nobody but the “colorful” will follow. Here are some samples:

Barbie Apartment

Azuka Sakamoto of West Hollywood, CA is a self-described Barbie Fanatic. She describes herself on a scale of 1 to 10 as rating a 100 when it comes to her Barbie obsession.

She has a Barbie kitchen with shocking pink kitchen cabinets complete with a Barbie toaster, a Barbie toilet, and naturally, a pink bedroom set, complete with among other things, a rotating Barbie shoe display.

Interested in seeing it? Go to

Azukas Barbie Apartment. Go ahead and check it out. Eleven million other YouTube viewers have!

Cat Heaven

Peter Como loves cats. So much that he has 15 rescue cats in his home. Therefore it’s no surprise that his living room ( in fact his whole house) into a playland for his frisky friends.

The centerpiece, in the living room, is a beautiful, circular staircase, for the cats to go up and down on, but virtually every room in the house is connected by catwalks. Como says he loves the cats and has spent nearly $50,000 modifying his house to accommodate the furry “real owners” of the living space.

To view, go to Cat Heaven.

Now both of those styles are definitely at the far end of their relative spectrums. We definitely aren’t saying that you have to go to that level of effort to make your home your own. We will now talk about a few less extreme ways to personalize where you live.

The Rustic Look

Think the above ideas are too far out for your home decor taste? Consider the rustic look. A great video for how rustic furniture can completely transform your living room, take a gander at Rustic Look Ideas One touch not shown in the video but which is quite popular, is to separate the kitchen and the living room with a sliding barn door.

With the right barn door hardware, you can add an air of authenticity to your themed rustic look.

Art Deco

If you love a timeless look, consider transforming your living room with elements of art deco. Not only do art deco pieces have a timeless, artistic quality to them, but they mix and match well with contemporary furniture as well.

Art deco hs been popular for nearly 100 years, and it’s no wonder why. Consider adding one or two dramatic pieces to your collection even if you need to stretch your budget a little to accommodate them. They will pay you back with a classic, artistic look.

For a good sample of art deco in home decor, go to Art Deco Style.

Safari Themed

Drop the antiquated antelope heads on the wall, but otherwise, a very different yet classic theme is to “go safari.”

A single framed wall print featuring three different faux animal skins, surrounded by a couple of elegant elephant prints, a couple of ferns, and you are on your way to a very sleek, black and white look that is both understated and elegant.

You can also go safari in the bedroom, or simply retain it for the living room.

Examples of safari themed looks can be viewed at Safari Themes.

Plant Sanctuary

If you have an enclosed sunroom or even a small outdoor walled space, consider making a plant conservatory. Go crazy, with perhaps up to 50 plants, and perhaps a small waterfall.

Trust us, if you go with this idea, which makes an ideal conversation room, or simply a place to relax and get away from the stress of the world, a plant sanctuary is worth its weight in gold.

The best thing is that furniture wise, it doesn’t much matter what you sit on as long as it’s comfortable, and there are no expensive wall art pieces to buy or expensive lamps to fill out the room.

A great example is Plant Sanctuary.

Ultimately, it’s your living space, so decorate it as you please. Not what someone else thinks.