Understanding the Business of Consulting by Sam Ovens


The world we live in is a complicated one, with different activities requiring different skill sets to navigate them. We find a society with different fields of endeavor and specializations that one must be duly trained to be able to properly function in.  

Add to this the fact that as the society keeps evolving, these different fields of endeavor constantly get more sophisticated, and you will begin to understand the source of the stress most folks face today. With all of these, there’s also the burden of expectation of success that is placed on you despite the ever increasing competition for the same things you are gunning for.

At times like these, there is the need for a little help, the pointer for direction, a kind of guide to shine the light when it feels like you are walking blindly. This is what a consultant does

Who Is a Consultant?

The term which comes from the Latin word consultare which when translated into English literally means to deliberate is discussed in some detail here. As we can see from the article, the individual so designated is usually a person well versed in a field or an area of specialization and thus can be called an expert or a professional in that field.

Based on how they function, they are categorized into these two broad categories:

Internal – Here the individual works within an organization and is available for other individuals or departments in the organization.

External – Here, the individual is contracted or employed externally and in most cases for a definite period of time and for an agreed fee.

In both cases, they proffer advice and ideas to clients from their wealth of experience or expertise on a particular subject matter. The ideas and advice given then serve as a guide to the client on how to approach or tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

A consulting firm on the other hand, is a business organization with one or more experts that render consultancy services for a fee. They will usually be able to offer consultancy services in various areas including:

  1. Management and strategy – Because of the in depth understanding that they have about your target market, they are able to help you organize your management system accordingly, thereby increasing efficiency, cost effectiveness and the general competitiveness of your business.
  2. Operation process improvement – Here, they can help you reengineer your work process and make it more efficient.
  3. IT – In today’s world, this is an area that is ever increasing in importance and cannot be overlooked by any serious business institution. 
  4. HR – In this area tips can be given you on how to improve general staff satisfaction and input. 
  5. Marketing – Here tips will be given to you on how to better communicate with your potential customers or to even rebrand your business if necessary. 

Given all that we have described above, who exactly consults for the consultant or who trains the consultant? This clearly is an interesting question which many may not have thought to ask and you may get some answers from  websites like

How Does Sam Ovens Consulting Work?


The Sam Ovens consulting however is a major shift from the norm. this is because it runs more like a business mentorship class. It is a six weeks consulting program designed to teach how to succeed in the business of consultancy.

Sam Oven simplifies the business of consulting, reducing it to a system that anyone can follow and make a good living from. Yes, you read right, anyone can be a consultant once they have the right system or template to follow.

This is exactly what this mentoring process will show you. You will learn the system that will jumpstart your career, taking you from a nobody to someone who gives advice for a living. It is not rocket science and if Oven himself could do it, he believes that everyone also can.

Why does he believe this?

He wasn’t named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur because he is an extra-ordinary individual or because he was born into a wealthy family. He was actually born into middle, working class family that regarded making $50,000 a year a major success. He also thought same until he was privileged to come in contact with real wealth.

Fast forward to today, he has become so successful that his trainees make way more than what his parents regarded as a success. All of these came from his understanding of how to work with a system. This knowledge is what he now transfers to folks who are willing to make a difference in their lives.

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There is that innate desire in every human to be successful in whatever field of endeavor in which we are found. Sometimes what is needed is a pointer, a guide or a reorientation of the mind that redirects an individual’s focus, putting the individual on a pedestal to greater achievements.