Team-Building Time: 5 Fun Games to Motivate Employees

Team-Building Time: 5 Fun Games to Motivate Employees

When people hear the words team building they normally think of boring games that do nothing to help the team. But if you’re planning a team-building event to help motivate your employees, then you need to think outside of the box. 

As a manager or team leader, you will need to find fun and engaging ways to help motivate your team and get them to work together. 

Keep reading for five fun games to motivate employees.

1. Go-Karting

An awesome activity for you and your employees is to spend the afternoon go-karting.

You can get a bit competitive and try to beat each other racing around the go-kart track. You can also create teams and try to get the quickest time racing around the track. Team building events will have your employees working together but also having a bit of fun. 

2. Potluck

Arranging an office potluck is a great way to get everyone together as well as a free lunch. Ask all of your employees to bring their favorite dish to pass. They can work together crafting the perfect lunch menu. Have each of your employees explain why they brought a specific dish to learn more about them. 

3. Escape Room

A great way to get your employees to really figure out the best way to work together is to take them to an escape room. You can go in groups of ten or more and it usually takes about an hour or less to complete an escape room.

They will have to work together to solve clues to break out of the escape room. This will help them see how each other works and operates especially in difficult situations. An escape room is an awesome way for your team to work together in an unusual way to escape the room.  

4. Murder Mystery Party

Another fun way to get to motivate your employees and get them to know each other better is to throw a murder mystery party. Your team can work together and try to figure out who the murderer is! Make sure to assign them characters before the event so they can come in a costume. 

5. Volunteering

There are so many opportunities to volunteer in the community you work in so step outside of your comfort zone and get your team working together. You can all go to a soup kitchen to help serve meals to homeless people. Volunteering is an awesome project that your team can do to bring them closer together. 

As the holiday season approaches, your team could adopt a family for Christmas. Everyone will work together in buying them gifts and things that they need most. This is a great way to get your team to work together and to help people who are in need. 

Fun Games to Motivate Employees

When it comes to finding fun team building activities to help your employees work together you need to think outside the box. Team building should be fun and help your employees make fun memories together. 

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