How to Find a Wedding Photographer

How to Find a Wedding Photographer

The images from your wedding day are the tangible memories of the day. The flowers will fade, the cake will be eaten, but your photographs will last for decades.

This is why learning how to find a wedding photographer is important. Not all photographers are created equal. Some are more skilled at their craft than others.

And even a fantastic photographer can produce images you don’t absolutely love because they prefer a different style. 

Let’s look at a few tips.

1. Pick a Style

Photography is about far more than clicking the camera shutter. Light and shadow, posing, composition, and the right camera settings all go into taking a photograph.

And there’s even more after the image is taken. Hand four photographers the same image to edit in their style, and you’ll end up with four very different looking images. 

Some photographers edit light and airy, others go dark and moody. Some love rich colors, others tend to desaturate their images. There is no one right answer, it’s all personal preference and that’s part of the beauty of photography.

Photographers publish portfolios and post images on social media to display their work. Before choosing a photographer, familiarize yourself with their style and choose one whose work you love.

2. Posed vs Prompted/Candid

Another important thing to consider is how the photographer will position you. Some photographers focus on formal poses, others may give you little prompts or silly things to do to elicit a genuine reaction. Many photographers will do a mix of both.

3. A Photographer That Clicks

Every photographer can click the shutter, but not every photographer will click with you. Meet with your potential photographer in person to get a feel for their personality.

Many photographers will also offer an engagement session as part of their wedding packages for this very reason. It gives you all a chance to work together before the big day. 

4. Choose a Package

Photographers often offer packages based on time. For example, a photographer may offer a 6-hour, 8-hour, or 10-hour option. 

Go over your wedding plans with the photographer and they will be able to recommend which option is best for you. For larger weddings or more thorough coverage, you may wish to have a second photographer on site. Find out if a second photographer is included in your package or if it is necessary for your event.

Don’t forget to ask about postproduction details. How long will it take to get the images? Taking the photos is actually only a small part of the job. Post-production editing can take up to 40 hours or even longer, depending on the number of photographs. 

Find out how you’ll receive them (digital gallery, USB, external hard drive, etc.). And don’t forget to ask about how many images you can expect. 

Now You’ve Learned How to Find a Wedding Photographer

Learning how to find a wedding photographer is an essential part of wedding planning. But don’t worry, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first.

Keep these four tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying gorgeous images of your special day. 

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