Top 8 Garage Accessories You Need for 2020

Top 8 Garage Accessories You Need for 2020

The garage is an area so many homeowners write off. They think of it as a disaster zone where they stash long-term storage items and vehicles.

The truth is that your garage is an important part of your home. Not only is that storage important, but if you play your cards right, you can turn the garage into a far more versatile and usable space. One of the main things a good garage should have is some comfortable space, good lighting and a nice electric heater (which are actually easy to find at sites like HomeGearExpert).

To get more use from your garage, try these cool garage accessories.

1. A Pegboard

Pegboards have long been a common way to store items in garages, and that trend shows no sign of stopping. In fact, people are now using pegboards in other areas of the home too, from kitchens to offices.

When you install a pegboard on your wall, you can use hooks, shelves, and other items to store just about anything. It’s particularly helpful for items you use often because it keeps them within reach.

2. Wall Guards

You’ve had a long day, and as you pull into your garage, you sigh in relief because you’re finally home. Then you open the car door and boom! Your door hits the wall and damages both of them.

It’s happened to all of us and it’s not a great way to start your evening.

You can avoid these situations with a wall guard. This is a soft strip you apply to the wall of your garage next to your parking spot. When your car door hits the wall guard, it doesn’t damage your wall or your car door. 

3. A High-Tech Garage Door Opener

If you’re still using a clunky, glitchy garage door opener, you don’t know what you’re missing. It may be time for an upgrade.

Today’s garage door openers are smoother and come with a variety of features. For example, you can get a garage door opener that focuses on working quietly. This way, you won’t wake up sleeping family members when you leave or come home.

Make sure to do your research, though. It’s an important purchase, so read garage door opener reviews first. 

4. Safety Cabinets

If you’re like most homeowners, you store plenty of dangerous chemicals in your garage. It could be strong cleaning products, automotive fluids, pesticides, and more.

It’s important to take the right precautions to keep those chemicals away from kids and pets. This is why you need a locking cabinet for your garage.

Be sure to install your locking cabinet high enough to stay out of reach for your kids and pets. You could mount it to the wall so there is nothing nearby for anyone to climb.

This way your family is safe, even if you forget to lock the cabinet. 

5. Ceiling Hooks

As great as your garage is for extra storage, it still has a finite amount of space. If you’re reaching your limits with floor space and wall space, just look up.

Ceiling hooks offer a place for you to store your bicycles, athletic balls, and other equipment. You could even install shelves from the ceiling to store larger items like boxes.

Of course, with any storage solution, there’s a cool modification you can try. To make it easier to get stored items up and down in your garage, consider installing a pulley system. 

6. Parking Guides

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have behind the wheel. Parking within precise limits is tough. And yet, if you have a small garage, sticking to a small parking space is your only option.

Make life easier for yourself by installing parking guides in your garage. As you may have guessed, a parking guide is any marking that shows you where to park.

There are plenty of products available that do this in different ways. You can get reflective tape to mark your own space. You can buy pre-printed mats.

You could also opt for a bump you install on the floor of the garage to tell you when to stop pulling forward. 

7. Smart Security Camera

It doesn’t matter if you live in For Knox—you can always use better security. That’s especially true with the recent surge in package theft. Look no further than a smart security camera for the outside of your garage.

These cameras will show you anyone who pulls into your driveway or approaches your garage. Get models you an operate with your smartphone so you can keep an eye on the home no matter where you are.

For even better security, make your security camera prominent and visible. This will deter thieves in the first place, rather than just helping you to catch them after the fact. There are even cameras with speakers so you can sound an alarm if you see someone suspicious.

8. Convertible Worktable

The garage is the perfect place for projects, from woodworking to crafting to automotive repair. Not everyone has the space they need, though.

If you want a workspace in your garage but you don’t have enough room, try a convertible worktable. Think of this as a worktable version of a Murphy bed: it folds up against the wall when you aren’t using it.

There are pre-built tables that you can buy, or you can try to create your own as a DIY project. All you need is a work surface, a strong hinge to attach it to the wall, and retractable legs to support the work surface.

Getting More from Your Garage Space with the Best Garage Accessories

Your garage has the potential to be a storage area, automotive shop, workspace, mudroom, and more. It all comes down to how you organize it and outfit it.

The garage accessories on this list will help you make better use of your space no matter how large or small your garage is.

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