Stag Night Thrillers: 5 Bachelor Party Ideas That No One Will Forget

Stag Night Thrillers: 5 Bachelor Party Ideas That No One Will Forget

Your friend is about to take the plunge and marry the love of his life. It’s a beautiful thing but is in some ways bittersweet. You likely know this means the time with your group of friends has come to an end. 

That’s why throwing an amazing bachelor party is so important. Not only are you celebrating the marriage of your friend but the end of an era of your relationship together. As the best man, you have a big responsibility in putting together an amazing night. 

It can be stressful in coming up with the right bachelor party ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve organized some of the very best below for your perusal. Read on and see which might be the best for your own gathering.

1. Take A Hunting Trip

Maybe your group of friends goes hunting all the time, or maybe the idea of it is completely foreign to you. No matter which group you fall into, going hunting as a bachelor party can be a memorable experience. 

The true value of a great party experience isn’t in the partying, but in the bonding between those gathered. There are rare occasions in one’s life where you can force a mixed group together to take on a larger-than-life task. Do you really want to waste that one opportunity on going to a bar again? 

No, you’d much rather ship your compatriots out to the woods, put guns in their hands, and take on the wilderness together. That’s an experience you won’t soon forget. You will all want to take a safety course at the top of the weekend, of course, and keep everyone on the same page.

Go hunting for turkey and deer, get a little competitive, and enjoy the nights back the cabin you’ve rented out for everyone to stay in. It might just end up being the most memorable weekend anyone’s had.

2. Go Ski

If you’re not too far from a place with cold weather and elevation, there’s little better way to spend the bachelor’s day weekend than hitting the slopes.

Just like hunting, this provides the perfect bonding experience no matter how much background your group has in the art of moving fast down a snowy hill. It’s sure to be a memorable and good time, and there’s plenty of opportunity for chatting and boding as you take the lift back up the hill.

You probably shouldn’t be drinking while you’re out on the mountains, but throwing back some gut-warming whiskey when you get back to the lodge is a great way to end the day and keep this party going.

3. See A Sporting Event

Does the groom-to-be have a favorite sport or sports team? Scoring tickets to the game of the season can be an amazing way to thrill him and provide a great night for everyone else in the process as well.

Remind everyone that this is a once-in-a-lifetime weekend and pony up the cash for seats close to the action. Get drunk, tailgate prior, and head to the bars to celebrate the team’s win afterward. That way you can make a day out of it.

If you’re really going to be partying hard prior to the event, you can look into getting charter buses to take you from Point A to the game so no one has to drive. This way, you can keep the party going on the road. 

4. Go Skydiving

Do you really want to take the bachelor party to the next level? Why not head to the skies and give everyone involved the scare of their life.

Yes, skydiving can be expensive but it’s something that’s almost always on everyone’s bucket lists. Why not knock it off as a team and give yourself a reason to finally commit to this crazy act?

Jumping out of the sky is just one metaphorical way to look at the act your buddy is about to commit at the alter, after all, so it’s good that he gets his practice in now. All in all, you’ll be in and out in just over two or three hours, which still gives your group plenty of time to hit the bars if you so choose. You’ll certainly have a story to tell.

5. Do An Escape Room

If the gathered party is a little more low-key, you might want to avoid some of these crazier suggestions. What do you do then, if you don’t want to just sit around staring at one another?

You can go visit one of the new trends sweeping the nation, the escape room. This is a great group activity that will force the gathered together to solve a series of puzzles together. You’re racing the clock and trying to follow clues to get out of a room that you have been locked in.

If you have a party made up of people who may not know each other very well, this activity can be a great way to break the ice. It requires teamwork and fast thinking, so people will have to get to know each other fast.

Best Bachelor Party Ideas

If you’ve been deemed the best man of your good friend’s wedding, it means you’ll need to come up with some killer bachelor party ideas. The above are just a few options that seem well worth considering. At the end of the day, you know what the groom will enjoy more than anyone else.

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