Why Is CTV The Future of the Advertising Industry?

If you are involved in the advertising industry, but are new to the concept of CTV advertising, we have some solutions for you. Here you can find out why CTV is considered the future of the advertising industry. 

The Impact of Streaming Platforms and CTV 

It used to be that all you see on TV was commercials for popular products and local businesses. That was when most of us were limited to linear TV or broadcast television. Cable and Satellite TV were an improvement, but we still had to watch countless television ads before we could get back to our favorite shows and movies. 

Now we have access to CTV online stream networks that allow us to choose exactly what we want to watch, when we want to watch it. All without the interruption of commercial breaks. While this can be great for avid TV viewers, it has not been as easy for the advertising industry. 

But many experts feel that CTV advertising is the future of the marketing world. Here are a few reasons why. 

CTV is Everywhere You Look 

CTV is literally everywhere you look these days. When you ask someone what their favorite show is, or what they watched on TV over the weekend, they are likely to tell you it was something on a streaming platform like a CTV movie or TV show. Popular streaming companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon produce some of the highest quality shows in entertainment right now. Many of which are recent award winners. As of last year, at this time, around 60% of all US homes had a CTV device. Now that number is up to 75%. 

Millennials Love Connected TV 

We believe CTV is the future of advertising because Millennials are obsessed with connected TVs. The content that is shown on these devices is targeted to this age group. And to truth is, most millennials do not feel the need to pay out big bucks for conventional cable or satellite television packages. CTV is more convenient and therefore advertisers should take notice and start migrating to this form of marketing so they can reach out to this very important demographic. 

Viewers Don’t Mind CTV Ads as Much as Linear TV Ads 

One of the main things people have always complained about when it comes to broadcast TV is the number of commercials interrupting their favorite shows. With CTV advertising, the ads are very short and get straight to the point. Many times, you can also skip ads after watching them for a few seconds, which is even better. 

Are you interested in giving CTV advertising a try? All types of businesses can benefit from this form of marketing. Take the time to learn more about this advertising option and find out if it is the right choice for your company’s marketing needs.