MAGFAST Development Update During Coronavirus Pandemic

MAGFAST Development Update During Coronavirus Pandemic

MAGFAST, a conscientious company committed to manufacturing and distributing the world’s most innovative chargers, has been providing regular updates for its subscribers and customers about COVID-19. When the virus first began spreading to the United States, MAGFAST founder Seymour Segnit explained that his entire team was already accustomed to working remotely and would be using such tools as video conferencing and shared file systems to continue to provide service as usual for customers. 

The company also expressed profound thanks to its online supporters and subscribers for the many messages that the team has received over the last few weeks inquiring about MAGFAST team members in China and Taiwan, who fared relatively well during the spread of the pandemic.

The MAGFAST leadership team expressed its appreciation for the exceptional overseas teams working in Asia. They kept the product development wheels turning even when the Chinese government extended the New Year celebration by a full two weeks and restricted movement for millions of people, while also imposing strict restrictions on factories and businesses. One key member of the MAGFAST team in China had traveled to his hometown, located some 60 miles from the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, to be with his family as usual over the holidays. He ended up stranded there and was prohibited from traveling for many weeks. Still, the team trudged onward and got back up and running as the crisis began to diminish in Asia.

These setbacks prompted MAGFAST CEO Seymour Segnit and the U.S.-based leadership team to prepare for the worst when their Asian partners returned to work following the peak of the crisis. The MAGFAST team feared that the Asian partners would be forced to sideline their work for several months, but they were delighted to find that development had picked up more quickly than they expected. While production took a significant hit due to the crisis, the ongoing regular company updates have indicated that the company is very pleased with the current progress of its work.

Catching Up During Global Delays

MAGFAST is committed not only to manufacturing and distributing the world’s best chargers but also to guaranteeing the exceptional quality of those chargers. Due to the unforeseen impact of the current global pandemic, it has taken longer than expected to ensure the quality of these products and meet the standards for which MAGFAST is known. Recent company updates communicate how the entire manufacturing process was detained by the impact of global measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic just as MAGFAST was preparing to gear up for increased production.

The global virus spread has had far-reaching consequences for almost every business. Even the world’s top companies, including those with almost unlimited resources, have been dramatically affected and will face delays in returning to business as usual. MAGFAST notes that these circumstances make it impossible for the company to predict its progress in the coming weeks, but the team is optimistic.

MAGFAST is thrilled with how its Asian partners have resumed work under such challenging circumstances, even in light of the pressures of having to comply with the demands of larger, wealthier clients. Meanwhile, the U.S. team continues to churn forward while protecting its precious workforce and ensuring top-quality products for a discerning market. MAGFAST continues to fortify the foundations of its business so that customers can take pride in being a part of the MAGFAST Family.

While COVID-19 has put a damper on the global economy, the MAGFAST team is grateful for its amazing, patient, and loyal supporters, as well as the company’s dedicated teams, both overseas and at home. The company is highly optimistic that it will not only survive this temporary global crisis but also continue to provide top-quality products that make the world a better place. MAGFAST continues to solidify its commitment to creating the world’s greenest chargers and contributing to causes that support the environment.

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