Data Systems International: Boosting Health and Wellness During COVID-19

Data Systems International: Boosting Health and Wellness During COVID-19

Data Systems International is a technology-based business that helps clients handle inventory and supply chain management. The company has had to make some changes because of the outbreak, but the leaders have found a way to keep up their customer service while helping their employees stay safe. This was not a new practice for the company. They have always put in emphasis on healthcare and their employees.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 spread, the teams quickly adapted to working from home whenever possible. This action worked on many levels. It helped individuals with children stay at home because of school closures. Allowing people to work from home helped curb the outbreak and give people peace of mind during trying times.

Data Systems International was helping their staff with physical and mental challenges long before the virus. The workers now have a health manager they can turn to in times of need. Something unique about this manager is that he will not necessarily wait for you to come to him.

Mr. Markowski takes the health of Data Systems International to heart. As the manager, he contacts every employee in the chain. He is happy to discuss all topics across the board. Employees are not limited to physical subjects either. They are free to bring up mental health issues too. Markowski understands that having emotional and psychological support is just as vital as exercise and nutrition.

This may seem like in unexpected benefit from an employer, but in reality, it promotes a vibrant workforce. The stress that the outbreak has brought on can be tackled by the actions that this company is taking. It may seem forward-thinking too many, but it seems to have kept production flowing.

Data Systems International has brought on new, well-known clients while the stay-at-home orders have been in place. Not many operations can see they thrive while being thrust into the unknown. The leadership inside the ranks points to the fact they put employees and clients first. It shows on the bottom line. Because it is not all about numbers, Data Systems International has become a significant player in the world of mobile tracking.

The health manager does admit that he cannot personally solve every problem, but he has the resources and contacts to find someone or something that can help the person. The company has developed an assistance program designed to tackle day-to-day issues, emergencies, and family hardships. The effort the team makes is on a multi-pronged level. They understand the many facets of a human being, which cover physical, mental, and even financial health.

This company certainly thinks outside of the box in business and how they treat their staff members. While in lockdown, the employees received workout equipment, and some got stationary bicycles. It did not stop with that either. They were provided with online exercise classes that they could take live. It was a way to keep the camaraderie of the teams up and spirits high.

Data Systems International operates out of Kansas City, MO. They help industries tackle inventory issues from beginning to end. They use the team format, and their services are mobile-friendly.

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