3 Unique Supplements to try Today

3 Unique Supplements to try Today

Nearly everyone in the U.S. takes some kind of supplement with the industry raking in over 28 Billion dollars a decade ago in 2010 according to an article in Harvard Health. While the verdict remains in-doubt regarding the actual effectiveness of many of the dietary, health, vitamin, and other supplements available on the market, below we have listed three supplements proven to provide actual benefits to users.

Fish Oil

This popular supplement which is, of course, found naturally in fish is readily available in small capsule/pill form. Fish oil has been studied and regaled for its ability to protect regular takers from heart disease and stroke. According to the article in Harvard Health the American Heart Association recommends that people with coronary artery disease and others with high cardiac risk factors including- diabetes, abnormal cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure, take 1,000 mg. of the fatty acids found in fish oil- DHA and EPA, daily.

Vitamin D

While ideally, we would all have enough time to spend outside and obtain our Vitamin D naturally that is, unfortunately, an often-impossible task in today’s world where we spend so much time working and even relaxing within our homes. According to research done by Harvard University, nearly 70% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is a necessary element in the body that is required to absorb calcium from the intestines, those with low Vitamin D levels are thus more susceptible to un-healthy bones and related problems as well as other potential neuromuscular problems including falling. Almost impossible to obtain simply through food, it is recommended that most adults take a Vitamin D supplement along with a meal that has some fat for the best possible results.


You may have seen ad’s promoting the ability to “get kratom” or “buy kratom online” while perusing the internet or particular websites, but the product being offered is often murky and unclear, so then what is kratom? Native to Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia kratom, scientific name: Mitragyna Speciosa is a stimulant supplement that has been used within Asia to treat diarrhea, coughs, pain management, and opioid withdrawal for years only gaining notoriety in the western world in the past decade. Cheap kratom can be purchased online or in-person at a variety of stores typically of a small-market/convenience variety, you can get kratom in several different forms including- chopped leaf (to be brewed into a tea), capsules containing finely chopped leaves which can be ingested orally, and or in the form of compressed tablets that are made from kratom leaves or resin.