The Best Cybersecurity Tools For Fall 2020

The Best Cybersecurity Tools For Fall 2020

There are many tools for securing your data and monitoring for any breaches, but there are a few cybersecurity tools released for 2020 that are a big step-up from your usual protection.

Cybersecurity is any means used to protect an individual or business network, system, or applications from online ‘cyber’ attacks. The software is used to prevent unauthorized access to data and identity theft. 

Recent statistics have shown a considerable rise in ransomware, email-based spoofing, and impersonation fraud. The cyber tool’s ability to stop threats while instantaneously operating to minimize the effects of a successful attack should be key in choosing a cybersecurity software. 

With this in mind, take a look at the best cybersecurity tools for 2020


Data breaches most often have been due to internal data and system misuse. Teramind is computer software that provides real-time monitoring of employees and remote users’ behaviors to detect possible threats and prevent data loss.

Large companies with many employees rely on the software to monitor each employee’s productivity and ensure that sensitive company data is secured. 

It offers application software tracking and remote control and provides website monitoring, live view, and screen recording. It also provides user-behavior analytics and management tools. 


Indeni is a cloud-based security software built to offer network management solutions. It is mostly used by medium and large companies to monitor, collect, and analyze performance, issue tracking, and troubleshooting and manage and maintain lists of issues. 

Indeni provides up to speed security infrastructure automation and visibility via a central dashboard. It is website-based and deployable on installed mac and windows. 

It allows for Inventory management where users can schedule regular backups from more than one router, web proxy vendor and firewall, and define recurring tasks as a means of managing historical data. 

It also allows for assessing device health based on parameters and provides compliance management to allow users to verify if devices comply with organizational standards. 


This is a cloud-based resilience platform used to provide organizational email, web, and data security. Mimecast has a framework that makes it easy to plan a cyber-resilience and security strategy for your enterprise. 

It is tasked to prevent email-based cyber-attacks, reduce human error from internal communications, and stop brand impersonation by attackers. It is built to stand against the growing threat that spear-phishing attacks in inbound mail and advanced phishing pose.

Its other functions include providing integrated email and web security and protecting all web traffic on and off your network. It has functionalities to prevent ‘shadow’ IT with full visibility and control of cloud app use and encryption and DLP capabilities to protect sensitive content.

Lastly, it features comprehensive compliance and data governance systems.


This is an automatic end-to-end web security scanner that offers an all-round view of an organization’s security. The cloud-based system is designed to assist security analysts with data protection, manual testing, and compliant reporting. 

Actunetix audits your web applications by checking for vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and others. 

It features the AcuSensor technology agent to identify more vulnerabilities. It offers AcuMonitor technology to detect using intermediate service and a reporter to generate reports for scan, targets, and all detected vulnerabilities. 


SolarWinds is an all-in-one cloud-based solution developed for Managed Service Providers. As a Security Event Manager, it offers real-time monitoring and will respond to security threats. It is a network and host intrusion detection system with highly indexed log search capabilities. 

It provides a comprehensive set of integrated reporting tools and has features for Security Information and Event Manager. It also offers continuous updates for threat intelligence and has features of Log correlation and Log event archive.


Center for Internet Security provides various numerous cybersecurity tools and services for any sized business. It offers services in detecting and preventing threats, with a 24/7 operation center. It also provides CIS controls and benchmarks in its CIS SecureSuite for commercial users. 

The program comes with a 24/7 security operations center and incident report services. It offers a variety of products like CIS Control, CIS RAM, CIS Lite, etc. to organizations and automated assessments. 


Snort offers real-time network traffic monitoring to analyze, detect, and prevent network-based intrusion as it has been built as an open-source tool. Based on the libpcap framework, it has the ability to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

This helps support many platforms like Windows, Fedora, etc. and provides analysis and logging and a backup to firewall security. 


This is an open-source network analysis tool. Wireshark is a very user-friendly yet incredible tool that will analyze network traffic on any size network. As one of the most popular packet analyzers, it helps you monitor every activity that goes through your network through live capture. 

It can be used to troubleshoot network and security problems while serving as a tool for application development.

Wireshark offers live real-time traffic analysis and supports offline analysis. The tool supports most major Internet transfer protocols, including VoIP Analysis.

There are many other programs available for enhancing your security measures that are also viable options for your security. Contact your local MSP in Riverside and San Bernardino to find the best solution for your company.