From Dreams to Reality: A Peek Into the Future of Smart Homes

From Dreams to Reality: A Peek Into the Future of Smart Homes

Are you looking for a new home or updating your real estate investment? Are you wondering about the future of smart homes?

Smart homes of the future will do so much more than answer your questions. They’re changing the way you live so that coming home at night will be a joy and a cinch.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest developments in smart home devices.

Smart Lighting

Say good-bye to the days of walking into a dark home. Tomorrow’s homes come equipped with bulbs that can get controlled with an app on your cell phone

You can turn lights on and off from your car as well as change a bulb’s color.

You can train smart lights to alert you to act as a mini-alarm system throughout your house. You may, for example, get a light to alert you when you get an email. Or they can turn the lights in the hallway on when someone walks in the door.

Smart lights get controlled through a hub that doesn’t require any extra hardware to install. They can connect to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Those lights connected to your Wi-Fi can use your existing router.

Alarm Systems

The alarm systems of yesterday will alert you and the police if an uninvited guest enters your home when you’re not there.

Tomorrow’s alarm systems, however, can do so much more.

Many alarm systems include a camera that allows you to keep an eye on your home while you’re not there. You can also see anyone who may come to your door or deliver a package.

You’ll also receive notifications on your smartphone if one of your alarm components gets triggered. This could include a contact sensor or a motion detector.

Modern alarm systems can also warn you about other potential dangers like fires and floods. They can also get activated by simple voice commands.

AI Systems

Artificial Intelligent systems promise to make the homes of the future more personalized and integrated. In fact, you may want to think of this technology as a kind of electronic concierge.

Tomorrow’s technology may even be able to track your whereabouts within your home. This would be done through sensors or a pin that you could wear on your clothes. 

The house can use information about you to anticipate your preferences before you even request things. It may, for example, turn on your favorite music when you come home at the end of the day turn your heat to your favorite temperature.

This technology could help you save money on energy costs, as well as keep you calm and comfortable throughout the day.

At Your Fingertips

You may be wondering “is my phone listening to me?” Oftentimes, the answer is yes!

Your smartphone can act as a central hub that controls everything in your house. Music, security, lighting, and even your HVAC system can all be connected and controlled using your smartphone.

If you have your device with you when you pull in your driveway, get prepared to have a home customized to all of your preferences when you walk in the door. 

Private Zones

Gone are the days of folks complaining about the temperature in your house.

New technology will allow each person in their home to have their own programmable thermostat. This is especially helpful if you have a teenager or older parent residing with you!

The great thing about individual heating zones is that they can save you money. You won’t be spending extra money on heating or cooling rooms that no one is using.

Smart Kitchens

As more people become occupied with their jobs and families, the more automated food shopping and cooking can become.

The fridge of the future, for example, will be able to order food you regularly stock when you run low. 

Smart kitchen gadgets, such as rice cookers and crockpots, can also get connected to your smartphone. If you need to turn dinner on or adjust the heat, you can do so from work or while you’re out with your kids.


Windows in your home can also be made smarter with energy conversion and monitoring. 

Smart home windows will use sensors to use weather conditions outside to inform your home energy system how it should respond. This can help you save on unnecessary energy costs.

Smart Locks

Locks of the future will allow you to leave your keys behind since you’ll control them through your smart device. You can unlock your home through private codes, voice commands, or fingerprint recognition.

Your phone may also allow you to create temporary entry codes for folks you know will need access to your home while you’re away. Your babysitter, dry cleaner, or dog-walker can get inside your house without you needing to make extra copies of your key. 

A Wi-Fi enabled smart lock will also allow you to log those who come in and out of your home as the action happens. This is especially helpful if you’re working and want to keep track of school-age kids. You’ll also get alerts immediately if someone tries to tamper with your lock.

The Future of Smart Homes

The future of smart homes involves more than just greater comfort. With remote-controlled locks, security, and temperature control, you can make your home a custom-prepared palace before you walk in the door. 

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