IT Innovations That you Will See in 2021

IT Innovations That you Will See in 2021

The pace of digital development keeps increasing, as innovators and scientists the world over collaborate on exciting new tech that will further enhance our already enhanced lifestyle. When you consider how far we’ve come in just 50 years since the 1970s, it makes you realise the rapid pace of tech development.  Here are some of the new tech that we expect to see in the stores in the coming year.

  • 3D Printers – These handy devices are already on the market and have been for a couple of years, and like most new tech, prices are high at the outset, yet we expect 3d printing to become more mainstream in 2021. It won’t be long before you will be able to design and print that special component you need, which will be far cheaper than having it made, and with a range of composite materials, the list of things you can print will steadily grow.
  • Wireless Technology – Again, this is nothing new, with the wireless keyboard and mouse already flooding the marketplace, yet there will be other devices that wirelessly connect and the Internet of Things will provide the platform for all digital devices to interconnect. The much awaited 5G rollout will herald the start of a new age, with driverless vehicles and appliances that you can program remotely.
  • SSD Technology – The solid state drive is quickly becoming the accepted norm in computing, which allows for far faster data transfer than the old spinning drives, which are currently being phased out to make way for terabyte SSD, and if you are looking to buy a storage drive, SSD is the obvious choice.
  • Virtual Reality – VR is certainly here to stay, and with headset becoming cheaper, more people will wish to experience this amazing technology, which is already affordable for most people. The software packages are also becoming slicker, with better graphics, and with screen developments and longer life batteries, you can expect to see an explosion of VR games to hit the stores in 2021. Check out this peak into the smart home of the future.
  • Artificial Intelligence – This is a technology with frightening potential, and we have gone from a computer that can play checkers to Deep Mind, a supercomputer than learns on the job and a few hours after learning to play Go, the most complex of all board games, the machine beat the Go world champion 4 games to 1. Even today, you can have chips inserted under your skin that allow access to the home or to start your car, and Elon Musk is convinced that mankind will integrate with AI over the next decade. Here is some government information on artificial intelligence, which makes for an interesting read.
  • Robotics – Many large factories are already robot equipped and those that are not, soon will be, and as robotics develops hand in hand with AI, we could only be a few years from robot servants that take care of our every needs. Robots currently perform intricate surgery, as there is no room for error and the machine is more accurate than the human could ever be.

We are certainly living in an exciting age, with many new technologies emerging, and we will all reap the benefits of this in ways we could never have imagined.