First Year College Student Survival Guide

First Year College Student Survival Guide

Congratulations, you graduated from high school. Welcome to the real world. Your first year at college will be one of the defining moments of your life. When you look back years later, it will always stand out. Nevertheless, it would be better if you were prepared. Plenty of freshmen are overwhelmed with common challenges. Most of them can be avoided by simply knowing about them ahead of time.

1. Common Problems Most Freshman Will Run Into   

What are the most common issues encountered by college freshmen? Every person will have a different freshman experience. Yet, it seems there are some common problems that continue to crop up.

Gaining Weight:
The phrase “the freshman 15” was not invented for no reason. When you are in high school, most people partake in sports. Plus, their parents cook meals for them every night. As a freshman, it is effortless to let yourself go.

Going Broke:
If you had a job in high school, your parents likely paid the bills. That meant you could spend all of your money however you please. Now, you are responsible for keeping the lights on. Spending too much money going out could mean no Internet next month.

Falling Behind:
You will make more friends over these years and you will at any other point in your life. Do not let it distract you too much. Falling behind in class can happen very fast. Catching back up is not nearly as quick.

Chronic Stress and Insomnia:
College can be stressful. Not only are you juggling challenging academic studies, but you are also living on your own. You’ve got to learn a lot about life and about biochemistry. All of this can lead to insomnia, further compounding the problem.

2. Tips on Surviving and Thriving Your Freshman Year of College   

It’s normal to feel some anxiety. You’ve got a lot of major changes ahead. Do not let it overwhelm you. As long as you are committed, you’ll make it through your first year of college alive.

Spilt Utilities With Your Roommates:
Trying to pay the bills for an entire apartment alone is madness. Get a roommate. Then, you can split all of your bills with them. This would include your Peco energy bill. If you have enough room, consider getting two roommates. Then, you would only be paying for one-third of the total expenses you were before. There are not many other ways for you to realize the kinds of savings.

Create a Shared Chore Plan:
Living with roommates is all about communication. If you do not communicate with them, it’s going to be a rough experience. We suggest gathering everyone together. Then, work out a shared chore plan. Divide the household chores up evenly amongst all the remains. That way, everyone feels like they are sharing an equal part of the burden. Otherwise, the tidiest roommate will come to resent the others.

Study Groups Are Crucial:
Human beings are social creatures. If you try to study alone, it’s easy to get distracted. Colleges are havens of study groups. They are so popular for a reason. Get together with your classmates and study for all of your exams.

Sleep Habits Are More Important Than You Realize:
Prioritize your sleep habits. Disrupting them can permeate into all aspects of your life. You’ll have difficulty paying attention in class. Then, you’ll struggle on the quiz. Consequently, you’ll pull an all-nighter before the final. Ultimately, you must retake the entire class. You can avoid this entire sequence of events by creating a simple sleep schedule.

Making it Through Freshman Year in One Piece  

Going to college for the first time can be overwhelming. It will be okay. Everyone goes through the same thing at some point. By the time you graduate, you’ll wonder why it ever seemed like such a big deal at all?