Manage Your Work with an Electronic Signature

Many office workers and large corporations are familiar with the paperwork problem. Every day, there is a great number of contracts, documents, letters, and statements in circulation. All of them usually need to be created, printed, signed, scanned, and sent. Too much work for one small task, isn’t it? Electronic signatures have helped 20 million users for almost ten years. SignNow has a wide range of functions and advantages.

Digital technology has become the right hand of large-scale businesses. The Internet offers many opportunities to simplify work. In the described situation, the electronic signature service comes to the rescue. 

How Does an Electronic Signature Work?

It is not difficult to understand the electronic signature service; everything is intuitive and accessible. 

The first thing to do to get started is to register. Sign Now invites you to explore the site for free. Enter your email address and complete the registration via Google or Facebook account.

You are taken directly to a page ready to go. Right in the center of the site is a field where you can upload your document. Next, select the function: edit the form, send the copy for signing, or create an inviting link.

You can adapt the document itself as you need: place the signature field where you need it, set the stamp field, specify the text of the fields, etc.

Upload your document in .pdf format. It is always better to save and send copies in PDF; it is the most common file type. You can open your letter, contract, etc. on any device. Almost all services can read it. Secondly, Adobe System developers have set a high protection level; you can set a password and use seals to protect copyright.

If you need a detailed action guide, there is a starter tutorial for you at the bottom of the page. The service will explain how to sign, edit, and send a document for signing.

Capterra tells about the pros and cons of SignNow, compares with different services, and collects users’ reviews.

Additional Features

SignNow was created quite deeply and thoughtfully: additional tools support each primary function. Practice your work and perform tasks with a minimum of unnecessary movements. 

Send reminders and notifications. Set up automatic emailing of documents by date, time, and periodicity. Plan and organize work ahead to free up time for other tasks. Your colleagues and partners will receive all files on time and without delay, which raises and improves your reputation.

There is a possibility to integrate the SignNow account into other work programs for Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. You do not need to switch from one service to another and upload files over and over again. Integration with other services makes your work as comfortable as possible.

Customize documents for yourself, create, and edit ready-made templates. The selection is quite large: over 30 templates to use. You don’t have to make a brand-new one every time.

Create and use personal Sandbox. A unique environment for your activities allows you to carry out all operations safely. The sandbox solves problems with suspicious or untested code. System problems should not disrupt your workflow.

How Can Industries Benefit from SignNow?

Anyone can use the website, but, first and foremost, it is designed for professionals in their industry to scale their business. G2Crowd has special-made videos on this topic, and you can also check users’ feedback about SignNow.

Manage the order of actions and save time and effort. The resource helps professionals in the financial industry avoid the permanent signing of financial statements. Choose templates with standard information. Run customers’ and company’s money flows. Receive notifications about signing and transferring invoices. 

Medical workers can improve service quality by integrating electronic signatures into mobile applications. No queues; everyone can personally fill out a ready-made form and sign it on their mobile phone. Create a separate space for storing medical history, insurance, and various agreements.

Try a new level in the education system. Determine the procedure and roles for signing applications and forms: financial assistance, parental permission, student actions within the school, etc. Create a curriculum in unique documents, send it for signature, receive notifications of approval; store and sort student records in a secure cloud, and many more.

Protect documents of national importance. The main concern of government workers is the safe storage of documents. A lock on a drawer does not guarantee security, but reliable Internet storage will provide information safety chances. Send reports, statements, and petitions on time.

Adapt the platform for any kind of activity; you just have to organize everything correctly.

Prices and Profit

The financial side of the issue also plays a role. Large corporations save an impressive amount of money by purchasing one system instead of five different programs.

The Business plan monthly fee is only $8, and the improved Business Premium costs $15 per month. Experience the ultimate subscription for $30 a month, which includes all the features of the service. Additionally, you can discover unlimited possibilities with airSlate Business Cloud. Use whatever you might need.

You can pay monthly, but the most profitable is to buy all the features for a year at once. It is essential to distribute the company’s budget correctly. At first glance, the monthly price does not seem so high, but if you pay for a year in advance, you will save up to 60% of the amount. Several years of overpayments could save money for more important things: employee training, company development, and improving working conditions.

Start from the free trial, try everything by yourself, and leave feedback to make SignNow better!