Elias Landsmanas – Importance of Sustainability Badge

Elias Landsmanas – Importance of Sustainability Badge

The director of Corportivo Kosmos, Elias Landsmanas, has over the years successfully led his company into the new era of corporate social responsibility. 

Today, the company has parented three different others: Kol Tov, Serel, and La Cosmopolitana. Elias Landsmanas’s efforts have been recognized and earned him the ESR badge. 

Let us delve a bit deeper to learn more about Elias Landsmanas. We are going to find out who he was, where he is in his current life, and the recognition he has been accorded by his peers.

Elias Landsmanas, the Leader

Elias Landsmanas immigrated to Mexico from Lithuania in 1959 with his father Pablo Landsmanas and mother Chaja Dymensztejn. His father initially worked for another Lithuanian. As time went by, Pablo Landsmanas started his shop – La Modelo Butcher Shop. This is what later grew to become Corporativo Kosmos. 

After Pablo, Elias took over and was assisted by his younger brother Jorge, and son Jack to run the company. The success of the company in part has been its ability to adapt to new markets and stay ahead of its competitors. 

Elias was able to spearhead the company this way while at the same time not forgetting to give back to the needy in society. This was done through the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation; named after the man who began the culture of education and environmental responsibility and caring for the less fortunate in society. 

The foundation was established in 2016 by Elias Landsmanas with the help of his son, Jack. The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation’s focus is giving support to people living with HIV, those with addiction problems, abandoned children, and teenage mothers. 

Included in the list are 15 altruistic organizations. These are permanently supported by the Landsmanas Foundation through Kosmos Corporate funding.

Elias Landsmanas is a person who puts his employees first. This is what has been his driving force over the years, together with adaptability and with the help of a very capable team. Elias has coined an image, not just of an entrepreneur, but also of a man who cares for his fellow human being.

Distintivo ESR Empresa Socialmente Responsable

In Latin America, the Socially Responsible Company Distinction (Distintivo ESR Empresa Socialmente Responsable) is one of the highest acknowledgments in corporate social responsibility a company can be awarded. 

Companies that are awarded this distinction have shown and maintained a very high level in corporate ethics, environmental protection, high standards in working conditions and engagement with the community, and environmental protection. 

This award confirms that a company has met all those obligations as part of its culture intertwined with its business strategy. It is an annual award that was created by the Mexican Centre for Philanthropy (CEMEFI). 

Since its inception in the year 2000, the ESR Distinctive has been awarded to over 1,600 companies of different sizes and in different sectors. Corporativo Kosmos is one of the companies and is led by Elias Landsmanas. 

In 2020, the company was awarded the ESR Distinctive for the second time in a row. This reaffirms Corportivo Kosmos’s stance on the pledges of the award. Corportivo Kosmos in part was able to be awarded this distinction because of its strong community ties, ethical values, initiatives in gender equality and non-discrimination, and its care and preservation of the environment all stand out.

Gender Equality

Mr. Landsmanas is an advocate of an equitable work environment for every one of his employees, regardless of his or her gender. His true belief is that the workplace is a reflection of society, and therefore, one cannot expect society to be fair if the working space is not.  

By using the Gender Equality Model, Corporativo Kosmos has made sure that its working environment takes note of the gender perspective and accommodates it.

In 2019, the ESR badge was awarded to the company in large part due to its broad inclusivity of gender in employee retention and training programs. Another reason was also because of its wellness programs for staff with children. 

When it comes to training programs, Corporativo Kosmos offers employees opportunities to explore their career progression with their supervisors.

Environment Care and Preservation

Being able to associate oneself with an environmentally conscious brand is advantageous to the business. Sustainable practices are cost-saving in business. Besides, it is our human obligation to save the earth we live in. Elias Landsmanas believes this whole-heartedly. 

In light of this, Corporativo Kosmos announced its commitment to reducing the negative environmental impact caused by the transport industry. Despite its heavy reliance on transport, changes had to be enforced given that the environment is at stake. 

In this regard, the company collaborated in the Mexico Clean Transport Voluntary Program, which is from the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). It identifies exceptional companies’ contributions in their efforts to reduce the amounts of emission from their production or business processes.

Corporativo Kosmos’ main aim was to enforce ways to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions produced by its fleet. This places the company at the helm of the industry when it comes to caring and preserving the environment.

Mr. Landsmanas’s focus is not entirely on the transport industry. Corporativo Kosmos uses a lot of water to wash raw materials, prepare products, as well as in regular cleaning of machine equipment. Through his leadership, the company has been able to create a closed-loop water system that allows for water recirculation. 

Different purification methods are tested to find out which one is most suitable to help optimize the use of water and make it fit for reuse.

The ‘Circular Economy’ is a system that Elias Landsmanas is primarily involved in and instills in all his employees. 

Natural resources are used in the manufacture of different items and once used, they are discarded as waste. If instead of natural resources, manufacturers and producers recycle waste material, this would in the long run reduce the amount of waste. This is what is referred to as the circular economy. 

Elias’s focus is on using recycled materials from waste and pollution for the long term in support of the regeneration of natural systems. In this regard, the ‘circular economy’ promotes the four Rs at all times. This means to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover where possible.

The Sustainability Badge

The ESR Distinctive assists in improving the profitability of a company. It also strengthens the company’s outlook to potential stakeholders. 

With more than five decades of experience and work in Corporativo Kosmos, Elias Landsmanas has created a successful brand that many people in Mexico view as a socially and environmentally conscious company.

By investing in the business this way, it has made many people want to work here and other businesses would like to be associated with Corporativo Kosmos. This has been enabled partly by a powerful team that always focuses on sustainability as one of its main goals and objectives. 

Sustainability is a continuous culture for the team. It is a self-diagnosis process, an on-going exercise that requires honesty and business transparency in the system, internally, as well as externally. 

Corporativo Kosmos has built a culture of striving in the company for betterment, being ethical, caring for others, caring for the environment, and teamwork. 


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