Top 5 All American Car Brands

Top 5 All American Car Brands

The United States is home to some of the world’s biggest and best car manufacturers, but it also has a strong and long-standing history of its own automakers. Some of the top global brands in the business got their start on American soil over 120 years ago.

Ford and Chevrolet quickly come to mind, but ingenuity has also spawned Jeep during the World Wars as well Tesla in the modern-day landscape. From classic muscle cars to electric hybrids and off-road beats, these are top five all American car brands.

1. Ford

Ford is considered the best American car brand in history by countless fans and experts. The company got its start in 1903 with Henry Ford at the helm, pioneering the assembly lines that would introduce mass production to the world.

The company also happens to be the largest in the U.S. with their F150, Mustang, and Explorer models topping the sales charts. As a global company, their standing is just as strong. Head just about anywhere in the world and you can find Ford models on the road.

2. Chevrolet

Head back to 1911 and you’ll find the start of this all American brand. Since then, they’ve remained a forefront of America’s auto industry and car scene. Their claim to fame has always been affordable vehicles, something they stick by even today.

The company is most famous for their performance models, the Camaro and Corvette, but their SUVs are also incredibly popular with the public. Fun fact: Chevrolet launched their first SUV worldwide in 1933.

3. Dodge

Dodge was initially an auto parts supplier in 1900, finally deciding to make their first car in 1914. As you can imagine, they blew up into one of America’s most famous car brands. Their Challenger muscle car and Charger sports model are the most popular vehicles in their lineup, but they’re also well known for their Durango and Journey SUVs.

4. Tesla

It’s impossible to not mention Tesla these days. In just 17 years, the company had propelled itself to the front of the industry in America’s car scene. Pioneering electric cars and the latest in self-driving technology, Tesla combines a car and tech lover’s best dream into one.

Their Model S and X are the most popular, but they also hold a unique truck as well as sedan and SUV offering. It’s a young company that does run into trouble sometimes, like the AI mishaps that led to the need for a San Francisco Bay Area car accident attorney, but that doesn’t stop them from pushing boundaries and moving forward.

5. Cadillac

Cadillac used to be known as the gold standard of luxury automobiles in the U.S. back in the 1960s. While they fell from grace, they’re making a comeback with the CT5 and CT6. Don’t forget the Escalade, either. Their classic de Ville and Eldorado sedans will always be something that made American cars great.

Bonus: Jeep

Forged from the fires of World War II, Jeep was initially a military brand with one all-terrain vehicle designed to get troops from point A to point B as they battled Nazi forces. It was so incredible in its off-road performance that it quickly became a popular SUV back home after the war.

Their Wrangler will always be the go-to model, sharing the original Willys MB style from World War II, but their Cherokee and Renegade models are also incredibly popular today. With the introduction of the Gladiator truck-hybrid and a Wrangler revamp, they’ve once again solidified their place as a top all American car brand.