Top Franchises To Invest In In 2021

Top Franchises To Invest In In 2021

Given these pandemic times, people have become more aware of how a recession can come and affect their lives. With this in mind, investing is now the talk in the market. People are looking for something to invest in in order to make themselves recession-proof.

The current best place to invest is in a franchise. Franchising is basically a business expending but without them generally putting up premises or hiring employees. The business gives access to its documents, rights and intellectual property to the interested party so that the interested party can sell its branded products or services. And whether you’re looking for a franchise to invest money into or one to work with as a franchisee, the top franchises will generally be successful for the same reasons.

MaidPro – Cleaning and Maintenance Service Company

This is a door to door cleaning service company. They do everything from cleaning dishes, laundry, general house cleaning etc. They have software that helps the clients book for cleaning, and they can receive the request and dispatch their team. Their requirements to the franchise are $20,000 in liquid capital and a net worth of at least $50,000.

Fast Signs – Visual and communication company

It’s a visual and communication franchisor in North America. They deal in Television adverts, billboards and big screens and general advertisements, i.e. bus branding. They require one to have liquid capital of $ 80,000 and a net worth of $300,000.

Dog Topia – Dog Daycare Services

This is a unique dog daycare service that was first started in Virginia. Their concept is creating an indoor dog daycare service just the way children daycare services are done. They have a brick and mortar pet services model. The required working capital is $200,000, and a net worth of $757,253 and their average profit is $400,000 a year.

McDonald’s – Fast Food Restaurant

It’s a well-known franchise and one of the most profitable ones in the market. Acquiring this franchise means that you get to open a restaurant at a location of your choice and sell their products. Liquid investment is $500,000 and a capital investment starting from $1,230,000.

Snap-On Tools – Equipment

They are a company formed in 1920 that deals in all kinds of equipment from hand tools, power tools, diagnostic equipment and tools storage. They hold the top position in their market share, hence making them the most profitable business in their segment. Liquid cash investment starts from $37,583, and their net worth requirement starts from $169,223.

Assisting Hands – Home Care Services

This is a home care business whereby they have staff trained to take care of the elderly. They, however, don’t perform any medical tasks; their duty is just to make the elderly clients as comfortable as they can be. They operate on a supply and demand model. The liquid cash requirement is $100,000, and their total startup investment is from $80,650 onward.

If you might be having some funds on your hands/ bank, don’t just let the money sit there and generate minimal interest in a year. Invest in something that will make you ten times as much. These are the top franchises mostly in the United States that generated a lot of revenue in 2020 and hence are projected to increase the 2020 revenue in 2021. They can be your stepping stone to generate extra wealth.