5 Key Tips for your First Time at the Shooting Range

5 Key Tips for your First Time at the Shooting Range

The first time on a shooting range can be an intimidating thing. With all of the loud sounds and the recognition that almost everyone has a deadly weapon on their person, most people are decidedly uncomfortable on their first trip. However, as long as you remember a few basic tips, you should do well and actually get some decent training while you are there.

Breathing is Important

The biggest thing is to remember to breathe. A lot of people new to shooting ranges tend to be stressed out. Their breathing is restricted, they feel nauseous, and they want to bolt for the nearest safe place; a lot of them even vomit before they are even assigned a lane. Remembering to breathe can help immensely with that: It can help calm your nerves and ensure that you will be shooting straight. Do whatever helps you to relax and you should do fine.

Do Not Worry About Performance

It is understandable that you do not want to embarrass yourself; however, do not worry about doing great. People will assume that you are not a great shot; you lack the training and experience that a lot of the people who have been going there for years have under their belts and most people there understand that. You may think that you should be shooting bulls eyes, but worrying about it is more likely to cause you to miss. As such, any worries about performance are solely on you. Put that behind you and you should do fine.

Expect Mistakes to Happen

Everyone wants their first time doing anything to go well; you want to show that you are more than a rookie and the best way to show that is proficiency with the weapons at your side. The reality, unfortunately, is that we all have to start with the basics and prioritize safe shooting habits. If you are lucky it is just that you miss a lot of targets; if you are unlucky someone is getting hurt. Thus, make sure that you listen to your instructor, the range master, and that you pay attention to any buzzers and other signals. Free yourself from the expectations of perfection and you will find that your experience will go smoothly, even if you do miss a lot of the targets.

Trust In Your Weapons

Before you even step into the lane, you should have at least quickly inspected your weapons. This is not just to make sure that they are in working condition, but to also make you a little more comfortable; if you know that your firearms are good to go, then your worries about them having issues are decreased and that ups your confidence somewhat. Knowing that you can trust your weapons gives you a little extra swagger, and that confidence should see you through the experience.

Squeeze, Don’t Pull

This is the most basic of firearm advice, and arguably the one that will do you the best. It is important for you to concentrate on your shooting, to forget that everything exists for that moment in which you are shooting, in order for you to hit the target you are aiming at. To be distracted by anything else is potentially deadly to those around you. Keep these tips in mind when you first go to a shooting range and you should do fine.