What are custom coins?

What are custom coins?

Custom coins are small coins or medallions bearing the organization’s emblem that the organization’s members carry. They are used to prove membership of an organization or loyalty to an institution. Mainly you will see them with service commanders who are given to acknowledge their service and resilience in their specific units.

Many clubs, organizations, and institutions are now approaching custom coins in uniquely creative ways. Some with customer loyalty programs and others with morale-building programs for their employees which are done with custom coins. While it’s normal for people to be gifted with custom coins, a few know how they are made.

How are Custom Coins made?

Custom coin making may sound so simple, but it is more challenging than you may think. There is more than slapping a logo on the coin and calling it a day. There are plating, sizing, shaping, and many other coin choices which might be confusing. But before you come up with good custom coins, there are various steps you need to go through.

Step 1: Know the coins Purpose and role. Before creating a custom coin, you must consider the role and purpose of the coin. Custom Coins signify a certain deed, or sometimes they are used to raise money after they are sold. Identify the role and purpose of the coin, which will guide you in the coin’s design and making.

Step 2: Explore the concept of the coin. Knowing the coin’s purpose will help you explore the concept of the coin. It will help you develop different coin variations and envision the coins before sending them for production.

Step 3: Draw the design to scale. Drawing your custom coin to scale will help in responding to the price tags. It helps you envision your concept properly in the paper. When drawing, start with high-quality vectored artwork, which is beneficial in creating a professional look that matches your idea.

Step 4: Platting. Plating choices matter when it comes to custom coin productions. Your choice will determine the entire look of the coin. So whether it’s antiqued, polished, gold, or silver, your plating option sets the tone and vision of the whole design.

Step 5: Double-check everything. Before sending your design to the production, double-check everything. Ensure you have localized your logo design and double-checked all the designs at your disposal. Ensure you have your designs ready and take your time to converse with professionals.

After satisfying the above steps, you send your designs for production. The coin production begins by coin molds, which is done by a computer called CAD. The computer creates a digital blueprint of the coin that we can use for manufacturing. When finishing with the coins, we temper the coins in a hot oven. Die striking is done to the freshly molds coins. Die striking involves using the molds coins to stump the perfect artwork into brass. Later on, shaping, plating and coloring are done to the coins. Depending on the design of the coins, laser engraving is done to maximize the quality of the coins. And that’s the process of creating custom coins.

Cool Customized Coins Ever

There are dozens of quality customized coins, but here is an outline of a few.

1.    Entertainment

These types of coins are more creative than others due to their relation to the entertainment industry. They are presented to musicians, movies stars and their directors because of art and creativity. Also, authors of books receive them, especially if they release a new book. They come in various shapes, such as movie clapperboard, cassette tape or a vinyl record.

2.    Military

The rise of the custom coins is attributed to the brave women and military men. Their coins stand out because of their classic designs. There are many types of this military coin, but the Navy, Airforce, Army, and Marines are common ones. Though they are similar, they still have different styles that represent each military unit.

The popularity of the coins has grown over the years, and the trend is not stopping soon. So whether you need these coins to gift someone or preparing them for yourself, the coins are just an excellent price to give. Try the coins, and be sure you will not regret them.