5 Ideas for Decreasing Speeding in Your Town

5 Ideas for Decreasing Speeding in Your Town

Speeding can be quite dangerous, no matter where you live. Without doing something about it, you could have someone in your town injured or killed.

Fortunately, you can take a few steps to ensure that you have fewer speeding offenses in your area. Make sure you try out all of these ideas.


If someone isn’t being punished for a crime, they are likely going to keep doing it. That’s why you should get your local police to help you stop speeding.

To get the police to help you, you’re going to have to find areas in your town where people are likely to speed the most. These areas are typically heavy with commuters, meaning that you’ll have to find roads people use to go and come back from work.

From there, the police should be ticketing anyone they find speeding on those roads. Over time, drivers will stop speeding less if they know they risk financial punishment for doing so. Think about getting the police involved if you want less speeding.

Traffic Signs

Drivers might not even be realizing that they are going over the speed limit. To solve this, you should think about installing traffic signs around your town.

Rather than just telling people about the speed limit, these signs should display the current speed of whoever is driving by. These signs can then flash if they are going over the speed limit, giving drivers knowledge if they need to be slowing down or not. Consider installing traffic signs around your town to slow down speeding.

Speed Bumps

With how distracted drivers can get, they might not even notice signs on the side of the road. This means that you might need to install a physical deterrent, something they will feel if they aren’t paying attention. To do this, consider installing speed bumps around your town.

With speed bumps, drivers are forced to slow down so that they aren’t damaging their cars. Drivers who do end up damaging their cars will know that they shouldn’t be speeding anymore when traveling through those areas. Make sure you think about installing speed bumps around your town if you want to help prevent speeding.


Even with all of the anti-speeding measures you’ve already used, many drivers might still not get the point that what they are doing is wrong. To convince these people, you should start creating commercials.

With commercials, you can show how speeding can cause someone to be injured or killed. Consider having someone who has been impacted by speeding tell their story in these commercials. Ensure you think about creating commercials if you want to stop speeding in your local area.


After you’ve gotten your message out, you might still see plenty of people speeding. Those people might not be able to be convinced through your messaging, meaning that you’ll have to go to more physical means to convince them to stop speeding.

To do this, think about installing more roundabouts in your area. Roundabouts make it so that drivers are forced to slow down, giving them time to reflect on the speed limit. Roundabouts also have the bonus of making some turns easier for drivers, making roundabouts worthwhile. Consider installing roundabouts in your area if you want to help stop speeding.