A Guide For Taking Your Town’s Parks To The Next Level

A Guide For Taking Your Town’s Parks To The Next Level

No matter whether you live in a large town or one much smaller, chances are you have at least one park that people enjoy. However, as you know, not all parks are alike. While some have plenty of interesting features, others are simply open spaces within a community where people can walk, have a picnic, or just sit down and relax during a lunch break from work. Yet whatever the case may be, there are some things you can do to take your town’s park to the next level. If you’re ready to do so, here are some things you can try.

Establish a Dog Park

While you love going to the park for exercise and relaxation, so too do your dogs. However, it often works out best if they have their own area of the park where they can run, jump, and let off plenty of steam. Therefore, see if you can work with park officials to establish a dog park for your canine friends. From walk ramps and jumping hoops to steppers and even an agility course, your town’s dogs will have lots of fun with each and every visit to the park.

Set Up a Free Library

Becoming all the rage in parks across the nation, free libraries are based on the “take a book, share a book” philosophy. Requiring only a small area with a shelf or two, park visitors can grab a book to read while they are relaxing. In addition, free libraries are great ways to keep young kids occupied, which will help you stay a bit more relaxed as well.

Add Some Furniture

While plenty of folks love going to a park to run, walk, ride bicycles, and more, many other people just want to have a quiet spot to sit down for lunch or to just think about life in general. To help with this, add some furniture to your town’s park setting. Whether it’s some tables and chairs, picnic tables, or other items, having some comfortable and colorful furniture scattered about under trees and elsewhere will certainly make your town’s park more attractive to visitors.

Liven It Up with Artwork

If you really want to see your town’s park go to the next level, liven it up with some artwork. To do so, commission local artists to paint murals on park walls, and to also perhaps turn trash and recycling cans located in the park into beautiful artistic creations. Along with beautifying your park, the artwork is sure to attract many new visitors who may become park regulars.

Create Bike and Walking Trails

Since there is such an emphasis in today’s world on getting people of all ages to be more active, creating bike and walking trails throughout your town’s park will make it a prime destination for those residents and others who love to lead an active lifestyle. Whether it is someone enjoying a morning walk or unwinding at the end of the day, these additions are sure to be welcomed by town residents and used on a daily basis.

Whether you select only one of these suggestions for your town’s park or choose instead to take a shot at implementing every one of them, there’s no doubt your park will soon be one of the best in your region.