5 Advantages of Having a Custom Sign Installed Outside a Business

5 Advantages of Having a Custom Sign Installed Outside a Business

Owning and running a business is a full-time job and then some. One of the most important aspects of any business is advertising. With the invention of social media, most businesses focus almost solely on publishing ad after ad to draw in business. While social media advertising does work, there are still many advantages of having a custom sign installed outside a business! Signs are an important part of advertising any brick-and-mortar company and are a critical addition to any advertising budget. Let’s take a look at five reasons why they work so well.

1.    They show the location of the business.

While a lot of people use the GPS on their smartphones to find a new location, they aren’t always reliable. If your business is located among many others, it may be easy for customers to miss if you don’t have an outdoor sign to point the way. A prominent, custom sign will help you establish your business among all of the others. When new customers are looking for your building, they won’t be able to miss it when there is a big and beautiful sign leading the way.

2.    They spark interest in potential customers.

A custom-designed sign will not only show customers where your business is, but it will also grab their attention as they drive or walk down the street. Your business can hang the sign at a level that grabs the eye and sparks the interest of customers either walking or driving. A sign showing off your goods and services will help draw in customers who weren’t even planning on coming into your location. They’ll be interested in what your business has to offer when a bright sign catches their eye!

3.    They help prevent lost sales.

If your business has poor signage in front of the location, many consumers may drive or walk right past it while they are out looking for it. Potential customers may be ready and willing to come into your store to check out your goods, but poor signage may cause them to completely miss where you are. Prevent lost sales and revenue by having a bright and attractive custom sign erected out in front of your business. Make sure customers can easily find you when they are looking for your location!

4.    They give your business a better image.

A business that doesn’t have an outside sign doesn’t look very professional to customers. Consumers like to see effort when it comes to advertising. No one wants to go into a bland-looking storefront that doesn’t seem to care about their image. Make your brand stand out with a custom-designed sign that shows off your store name, logo, and other information. The right graphics will make your business look more professional and personable.

5.    They do your advertising day and night.

Every business has to work on its advertising every single day. Social media posts, newspaper and magazine ads, emails, flyers, and more- it can be time-consuming and expensive to keep your business well-known. A custom sign out front will do your advertising for you when you’re busy with other pressing matters. One that is bright and eye-catching will attract new customers every day. Even if they don’t visit you when they spot the sign, it will stick in their mind when they need your services in the future.