6 Ways to Use Video to Increase a Company’s Brand Awareness

Video has been well established as the most effective medium for getting your message across. Not only is video able to convey more information than text or images, but it’s also been shown to be memorized better, and encourage actionable behavior more than any other form of digital content. The best thing you can do for your own brand awareness is to create powerful video content to share with potential clients and other audiences. Follow these 6 tips for getting your brand noticed using video, and to increase your awareness of your brand in a positive way.

1. Produce Relevant Learning Content

One of the best ways to raise awareness about a company’s brand is to create educational content focused on the subject the company works with. For example, a computer repair company can create tutorial videos on how to repair computers, while mentioning their business throughout the video. This helps create an association between your brand and the topic or product at hand while establishing your authority in your field.

2. Showcase Your Products and Services

Videos go much further than still photos in showcasing your products and services. Photos can be deceptive, given lighting conditions and editing, while people are inclined to trust what they see in videos. As an example, if you own a fashion brand, or lawn care service, you can create videos showing your latest products, or film your process landscaping lawns to show customers exactly what they can expect from your brand.

3. Create a Video Logo for Your Brand

A simple way to use video to enhance your brand awareness is to have a video logo created. Even still logos can be animated or placed in a video sequence with effects and other text or sounds. This helps to make your brand more memorable while giving you a more professional and modern-looking logo to display on your website and social media profiles.

4. Hire an Animator to Describe Your Services

Sometimes audiences respond better to animations than videos, depending on the market you’re doing business in. Consider hiring an animator to show the process your brand uses to make its products or to do a company background video to explain to customers how your brand came to be and what its future mission is.

5. Film a Commercial for Your Brand

The best way to utilize video when raising awareness for a brand is to create a commercial. Video commercials are a time-tested favorite of marketers, and they show that you’re established, invested, and ready to handle business as it comes your way. It’s best to hire a commercial filming studio to shoot your commercial, as the cameras, formats, and editing expected by today’s consumers aren’t really in-house accessible for the average business.

6. Raise Brand Awareness with a Viral Video

Viral videos boost brand awareness exponentially, for those lucky enough to produce one. There’s an implicit assumption about viral videos, that they only come about by accident, but this isn’t necessarily the case. With the latest trend in video-based social media, viral-worthy content is often pushed to the forefront of the internet by user votes and garnering “likes.” A good marketing campaign can help with this, so long as you have a great idea for your own viral video and a plan for having it filmed and edited to best serve its purpose.