Why Do Backlinks Matter to What Google Shows Users?

Why Do Backlinks Matter to What Google Shows Users?

The world has changed significantly thanks to changes in technology and this includes how people look for goods and services. While people used to rely on radio spots and TV commercials to let them know about great products or services in the local area, people now tend to turn to the internet for help. They enter something into a search engine and results are delivered. Therefore, in order to compete in the modern era, all businesses need to have a strong online presence. This is where digital marketing comes in handy.

Of course, the backbone of every digital marketing campaign is a strong website. This is how companies are going to make their first impressions today, so it is important to make a good one. How are companies going to be able to generate traffic for their websites? The answer is SEO, which stands for search engine optimization.

The point of SEO is to make websites appear attractive to search engines. When search engines are trying to meet the needs of a user, they want to pull up the most relevant results. One of the factors they are going to look for is called backlinks. Backlinks are links that go from another page back to a specific website. In this case, a company that wants to increase its online presence will need to find ways to get high-quality backlinks placed that direct people back to their site.

When trying to find backlinks, there are two factors to consider. The first is the quality of the link. The thinking behind this practice is that not all backlinks are created equal. Some are better than others and the point is to come up with backlinks that have a high degree of authority. If websites that are in a position of authority see that website in a positive manner, then this website is more likely to meet the needs of the person who entered the search query.

The other factor to consider is quantity. The more backlinks a site has, the better. Importantly, backlinks that come from sites that do not generate a lot of traffic might not mean as much, but the backlinks add up over time. In order to achieve more success from effective link building, it is suggested to start out with both a backlink profile audit and website SEO audit.

Therefore, it is important to find a way to blend quantity and quality. As long as a website has a strong mix of backlinks, this is going to make a big difference in the quality of every digital marketing campaign. The result is that the website should rank higher in search queries, which will translate to more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and more revenue. This is why high-quality backlinks matter in today’s era.