A New Dawn for Athletes; STADIO and Athlete Empowerment

A New Dawn for Athletes; STADIO and Athlete Empowerment

Sports enthusiasts make up a large percentage of the demographic. Most famous athletes only get to make money through sports and endorsements. Due to busy schedules, it is hard for them to make money outside of sports. 

However, STADIO global has come up with other ways to help athletes make money outside their contracts. The technology company allows athletes, managers, and coaches to create NFTs by building a technological pathway that will enable athletes to create and earn from the NFTs. 

Understanding STADIO Global.

STADIO global is a technology company that aims to help athletes make more money by creating and selling their own NFTs through crypto. The company helps athletes make money digitally by selling their digital assets. As created and managed by STADIO, Crypto drive will make it easy for fans, athletes, and managers to come together and transact digitally. The rise and popularity of Crypto and NFTs will enable all parties to make money outside sports.

How will Athletes Benefit from the NFTs?

Through STADIO, athletes will be able to make, improve, and sell their own NFTs through the technology company. Athletes will have a chance to improve the value of their NFTs through performance in the respective games they play. Based on the season’s performance, the value and tokens will increase or decrease. 

The company gives the players a chance to invest and get returns on the NFTs sold. STADIO plans to give back a minimum of 20% of revenue proceeds on every NFT sold. When fans buy the NFTs, points are added to the athlete’s digital game card. Points earned through the digital game card can be redeemed for both prices in crypto or exchanged for money, earning the athlete revenue.

Through Stadio’s NFT Leaguez, fans can play games and earn points that can be converted into crypto. Athletes will also be able to buy and sell different NFTs and buy crypto through their wallets. STADIO aims to bring athletes and fans to one platform for mutual benefit.

Selling of merchandise by the athlete will also be improved through STADIO because the company will sell NFTs that contain different attire. The attire of the card that a fan possesses will give them a direct and first chance to buy the merchandise. Buying unreleased merchandise will open more cash streams for the athletes.

 The Future of STADIO

As among the first companies to target the sports industry, STADIO has a long way to go and has a bright future. It is one of the select companies that will let athletes benefit from what they do best. 

Allowing athletes to swap any earned tokens into a stable coin will help both athletes and the company rise in popularity and bring in even more athletes. By educating athletes on how to secure funds through training, athletes will be able to enter a world that is already familiar to them.

By bringing all the parties that are involved in sports, STADIO will be able to make accessible some of the most challenging debates that the players do not engage managers in. by providing insight on the benefits of NFTs and crypto, athletes and fans will be able to benefit mutually from one another. 

NFTs are some of the rarest forms of generating income through technology. Famous people are making money by selling their own. Through STADIO, athletes will be able to jump on the bandwagon and make more through digital currency, which does not depreciate.For more information, visit https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fExKrYyXSwkFDiIcF8x4nTVo4F1owSas/view.