4 Telltale Signs Your Office Building Needs New Windows

4 Telltale Signs Your Office Building Needs New Windows

Office buildings are great places to work, but their windows are often neglected. It might not seem like a huge deal, but having old and drafty windows can cause major problems for your health and productivity. If you work in a building with outdated windows and are not sure what to do about it, here are four telltale signs that your office building needs new windows.

1- Rusted Window Frames

A rusty window frame is a sign that they are old enough to start rusting on their own. The quality of metal used for the windows is usually not very high, so a simple rainstorm could cause them to rust. On the other hand, if the window frame is made of high-quality metal, it will be resistant to rust, even if it is exposed to rain and humidity. If you notice that the frames around your office building’s windows are rusted, it is a big sign that the glass in those windows is almost certainly leaking. When the window frames rust, moisture can get in under the glass and get inside the building, which can aggravate allergies and even cause respiratory illnesses like pneumonia.

2- Cracked or Chipped Glass

You might not notice many cracks in your office building’s windows if they have been recently installed, but if the cracks are not sealed well, you could soon notice that the glass has become chipped or cracked. It can be a huge safety hazard since it means that the window is likely to break and cause serious injury. When you spot cracks or chips in your office windows’ glass, it is time to bring in a professional to check for leaks. Even small cracks allow water to seep into your office building, damaging ceiling tiles, drywall, and furniture.

3- Moss Growth

Suppose your office building’s windows are covered in a thick layer of moss, especially on the inside of the window panes. In that case Vetcon Construction Services, Inc says, it is a sign that your office building may be leaking. Moss growth can occur for two reasons. Either the window has been left open and wet for a long time, or there is a leak under the window that has not been fixed. If your office building needs new windows, talk to an expert about how to seal off leaks and prevent further water damage.

4- Outdoor Noise

If your office building’s windows let in much outdoor noise, it indicates that it does not have modern, energy-efficient windows. Therefore, you should take a look at your options. Outside noise from roads, cars, and even nearby construction sites can take away the productivity and the comfort of your office staff, so you should be sure to have the windows updated as soon as possible.

Window replacement is a pricey endeavor, but sometimes the benefits are worth it. The four signs above effectively indicate whether your facility needs new windows. Sometimes, it might be time to purchase and install new windows, while at other times, you can get by with some basic maintenance.