5 Benefits of Using Custom Software Tailored to Your Business

5 Benefits of Using Custom Software Tailored to Your Business

Are you and your team growing tired of the limitations of off-the-shelf software solutions? More and more businesses are turning to custom software. Why?

Each company has its own reasons. But you may find your own reason in our list of five benefits of using custom software.

1- It Has All The Features You Need

Any commercial software will be missing key features your business needs. It’s inevitable. The commercial software maker had to make compromises.

Not every company wants the specific functions you need, so the maker didn’t include them. The software enterprise had to make practical decisions. Including extra features would only increase the price and possibly turn away potential customers.

So, to get the features you require, you have to turn to custom software builders. Whatever niche feature you need, it can usually be included.

Having all the features you need keeps your staff from having to use multiple pieces of software in consort to complete a task.

Switching constantly between multiple databases not only taxes your servers but can also increase fatigue and frustration among your workforce.

But when staffers use software that behaves exactly the way they want it to function, they’re more likely to complete their tasks on time and in a good mood.

2- It’s Scalable

Your business may grow at a rate that overwhelms ready-made software. For example, you may expand your customer base beyond your home country.

It sounds great until you try to enter customer data and realize that the fields were designed only to accept entries common to your location. You’ll need software that also handles foreign currency symbols, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth.

Commercial software licenses may also restrict you to a small number of users. Once you expand, you may find that it’s too costly to pay for the extra licenses.

3- It’s Simpler to Operate

Your employees will appreciate custom software because it won’t have any confusing and misleading buttons or menus. All interfaces will contain only the familiar terms the staffers know well.

And moving from one stage of a task to the next will be intuitive. Why? The custom software designers will build their programs tailored to the way your staffers need to do their jobs.

So, it’s not the employees who have to learn a strange new system. Instead, the designers construct software that reflects the company’s standard workflow.

4- It Integrates Smoothly With Your Other Software

One of the challenges of using commercial software is getting it to operate in the same environment as your other software programs. There are bound to be frustrations when the programs are from different companies. But sometimes, there are headaches getting programs from the same parent company to function well together.

Custom software solves the compatibility problem. The builders can construct a program specifically designed to integrate with your other programs.

5- It Presents Less of a Security Risk

Cybercriminals school themselves using commercial software. If they know how to bypass security measures in a best-selling software program, they could gain access to thousands of potential victims.

On the other hand, custom software can be more secure, making it more difficult for malicious users to infiltrate your network. Your custom software designer can incorporate your company’s particular safety features into the software.

The custom software will not have the same flaws as the commercial version. And it’s less likely that cyber crooks will waste time trying to figure out how to bypass your security when there are much easier targets available.