How Canvas K12 Is Helping To Improve NC Education

As robust as the North Carolina education system is, there is always room for innovation and improvement. As the world becomes increasingly digital, students learn and thrive in a different way. Implementing digital tools like Canvas K12 gives students the tools they need to succeed in classrooms all across North Carolina.

Tech 101

What better way to teach tech to students than by making it an integral part of learning? NC education can become top-tier when the way today’s students learn is placed at the forefront of our minds. An LMS service like Canvas K12 keeps students from Google searching for homework help and lets them have access to resources you deem important and appropriate. Integrated learning is the future of the North Carolina education system.

All disciplines being taught in a K-12 setting can benefit from Canvas K12. From art to math, there is an easy application for Canvas K12 in the classroom. For example, if you’re an art teacher in Charlotte and you’re teaching your students about Degas, you can use Canvas K12 to post slides, Degas pictures, and the homework assignment online. Videos of similar painting techniques can also be shared on Canvas K12 so that your students can have a digital demonstration when they get home and you’re not there to help.

Maybe you’re a high school math teacher. Homework help isn’t the only thing an LMS system like Canvas K12 can do. Messaging features and the ability to make announcements are available. Perhaps you forgot to assign the last section of trig homework before a few students left the classroom. Send an announcement in Canvas K12. Or maybe you’re a particularly merciful math teacher, in which case you can use Canvas to publish in-depth study guides and remind students of upcoming tests.

Canvas K12 works for all levels of the NC education system because it can be implemented at different levels and to varying degrees. A 2nd-grade classroom will obviously use this differently than graduating seniors. Using the same program from start to finish does give students a feeling of consistency though, and by the time middle school rolls around, your students will be old hat with integrated education tools. See how Canvas K12 is improving NC classrooms near you.