Eco Driving Tips for an Energy Efficient Drive

Good fuel efficiency has traditionally been one of the most sought after vehicle attributes by consumers. A fuel-efficient car not only allows consumers to save money on fuel costs, but also allows them to reduce their impact on the environment by helping manage their fossil fuel consumption.

However, a fuel-efficient car isn’t the only way to reduce the impact on the environment or to save money. Here are some great Eco Driving Tips to make your next drive more energy-efficient.

1. Slow Start, Slow Stop

Aggressive driving will take its toll on your fuel economy. Driving aggressively can make you consume 33 percent more gas on the highway and 5 percent more in town. A great eco driving tip is to favor slow acceleration and braking instead of flooring the gas pedal. This will not only save gas, but will make your drive safer.

2. Properly Inflate Your Tires

Improperly inflated tires can harm your car by adding unnecessary wear and tear on your tires, reducing your fuel economy, and making your drive more dangerous. Make sure your tires are properly inflated the next time you go on a drive!

3. One Trip > Multiple Trips

Another great eco driving tip is to combine all of your trips throughout the day into one trip. A single trip for all of your errands will save you time and money. Taking several trips with a cold engine can cause you to consume almost twice the amount of fuel you would otherwise!

More Eco Driving Tips

Avis has plenty of eco driving tips that can help you become a more energy-efficient driver. Learn something new and reduce your environmental impact, then search for “rental cars near me” for your next fuel-efficient car rental!