Gary Barber: A Man Of His Word?

Gary Barber: A Man Of His Word?

The name Harvey Weinstein has been mired in controversy for years now, and though he’s been found guilty of rape, justice is still being sought. On Valentine’s Day, a group of passionate protestors accosted Gary Barber, the head of Spyglass Entertainment. Barber, who vowed to compensate Weinstein’s victims, has yet to live up to his promises. Barber’s blatant disregard for fair play served as the catalyst for his recent ambush.

In 2019, Gary Barber acquired the film and TV assets of The Weinstein Company. This inevitably led to a partnership between Barber and Lantern Entertainment. When Weinstein’s company went belly up in 2018, this independent film studio saw an investment opportunity. As the successor to The Weinstein Company, Lantern Entertainment became acquainted with Spyglass Entertainment. Unfortunately, these titans of industry are being dragged through the mud.

Outraged by the injustice that victims are still facing, a group of 10 protestors made their voices heard near Barber’s Century City office. These individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of accountability. They called on Gary Barber and two members of Lantern’s leadership team to “do right by the Weinstein victims.” Based on the “immeasurable pain” that the victims endured, these advocates feel strongly about issuing financial compensation.

While promises have been made, Barber and his associates have yet to breathe life into these words. This inaction has led many to believe that these words of encouragement were merely hot air. According to protestors, this “empty rhetoric” is insulting and misleading. It’s likely that these protests won’t cease until financial contributions are doled out.

Adding more fuel to the fire was the lawsuit that Lantern Entertainment was hit with. Marvin Peart, an esteemed Hollywood producer, sued Lantern for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and breach of contract after being excluded from The Weinstein Company deal. Peart maintains that Lantern’s unethical behavior is the quintessence of institutional racism. When Lantern Entertainment reneged on their agreement, Peart felt indignant. Peart was slated to become a member on the board of the new company and was promised millions for bringing Lantern on as an investor. However, neither came to fruition.

Lantern’s inability and unwillingness to honor contractual obligations led Peart to take legal action. Peart feels as though he was cheated out of his “right to occupy the winner circle due to race.” The language within the lawsuit is equally compelling. Peart’s legal team claims that Lantern’s actions are “a triumph of historical revisionism.” Peart thinks Lantern may be gaslighting him in the hopes of coming out of this fiasco squeaky clean. Unfortunately for Lantern, Peart is as determined and resolute as the protestors who stormed Barber’s office.

To some, these series of events demonstrate the utter mayhem that surrounds Harvey Weinstein. Though Weinstein isn’t personally involved in the Peart case, his name is still somehow tied to it. It’s safe to say that Peart and others will go to great lengths to get what they deserve. The case is still pending, so only time will tell who will prevail.

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