For the Ultimate Clean; Shop-Vac and Vacuum Systems

As someone who is currently in the process of building a house, trying to move in while my husband eyeballs me as he is nailing and gluing things, I’m all about cleaning. It seems a bit futile considering there is still concrete everywhere and my hubby is forever sawing something, but even a little tidy up makes me feel better.

Am I alone in this madness? My family tends to think so, but I can live with that. I don’t hear any complaints when the place is clean though…I rest my case. We have a few vacuum systems at the house to be fair, 2 oldies and a brand new one still in the box waiting for the unveiling of the new place. 

So the older one I use to suck up the sawdust and concrete bits and bobs, the other has been maneuvered by my other half into an invention only he would think of. 

It is essentially still a vacuum, but with an extended hose and a supersized boot where all the rubbish is collected. It’s made from a hosepipe, international vacuum fittings, and a water tank. Yes, you heard right, a water tank. I throw my hands up, but funnily enough, it does the job. So, I let him be with is water tank and toolbox.

What is a vacuum and how does it work?

Besides that it is probably the one machine that is in every household in the world, it is a device that removes dirt and debris by using suction. It can be used on floors, walls, and even furniture or upholstery. It is usually powered by an electrical source, though they do have models that work on batteries that you charge for use in cars or office cubicles.

Certain industrial versions can suck up dry as well as a liquid mess, but if that’s needed, don’t invite those people around again, please. 

5 Benefits of using a vacuum.

  • Time. We know this is precious as it is, having a vacuum machine to hand as opposed to running around with a broom will save you not only valuable time but energy. Less sweating at the end of the whole process.
  • Allergies. Especially if you have pets, removing their hairs and taking any allergens out the air will make the environment that much more comfortable. Dust mites or bed bugs can all be sucked up and chucked away before any harm can be done. Prevention is better than cure as they say.
  • Cost-effective. The value relating to the task is great. Such a simple machine can change your life, it can help make the first impression when you’re having guests over and doesn’t cost an arm and leg to own. A few calories burned by a couple of hours vacuuming is more beneficial to your health than going for a coffee while a cleaning company comes in and does the work for you.
  • Features. Not so much the older models, but the latest ones have all types of setting built-in. You can switch suction capacity according to the material you’re cleaning, or switch the length of the bristles by how long the shag is on your rug or floor grooves.
  • Self-vacuum. This modern era is becoming more self-reliant and there is less need for human intervention. The newer disc-looking vacuums have programs you set up around your lifestyle, listen here to see how they operate.

They motor around the home independently for a few hours, and then take themselves back to their charging station. So you can come home from a vacation to a clean home without having to have let anyone in, brilliant.

What to look for in a vacuum?

I thought it was as simple as choosing one that looks pretty and taking it home, but no, they had to go throw all these gadgets and feature modes into the mix and now I’m thrown. Before heading to the shops you are going to need to do some homework, consider the areas you’ll be cleaning and the surfaces.

Have these written down and to hand so you’re prepared to bombard the salesperson with every question under the sun, make them earn that sale. Or, read here for more info, and see the different models related to their pros and cons and the model that will best suit your lifestyle.

Decide whether you need a bag or bagless, while having no bag allows for less purchasing of so-called bags, they do require a frequent filter turnover. It might also be a problem if you have allergies or asthma.

Features such as brushes that detach or retract to move from carpet to kitchen would be useful, and the main point for me is the noise level. Yes, vacuums are going to make a certain amount of noise, but waking the neighbors with the sound of a jet engine every time you want to clean the house is not going to go down well.

It’s safe to say that modern technology is on a rampant increase, new versions, modes, and models, all trying to be the best. While this is fine for those of you who are tech-savvy and into all things gadgets, old school me over here is happy go lucky with a simple stick vacuum attached to an old tattered looking bag.

And if all else fails, they did invent the broom did they not?