How to Take Your TikTok to the Next Level

There’s a lot to be said for TikTok these days. While it might not have found the same kind of success as, the clever social media sharing app has wised up and is now one of the most popular channels out there. It is quickly surpassing Facebook and Instagram in terms of initial growth, and it won’t be long before it’s officially the platform of choice for the younger generation. 

This means that you’ve got every chance of standing out and doing well – but you’ve got to know how to do it the right way. Let’s take a look at how to take your TikTok to the next level. 

  • Rub Shoulders with the Best

Just like in any industry, who you know can play a pivotal role in your success a lot of the time. Not always, but it can’t hurt to know some people in high places, right? If you want to get on their level, make sure that you’re following popular TikTokkers – as many as 50, if you can. This will enable you to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s trending, and you’ll also be able to interact with their content regularly. If you are producing similar content to your idols, there’s a good chance that you’ll get similar engagement ratings at some point.  

  • Check Out the ‘For You’ Page

If you’re trying to stay up to date on what’s trending and viral, you also need to be checking the ‘For You’ page regularly – every day, if possible. This isn’t going to take you more than a few minutes every day, but it will help you adjust your content to fit in with current trends so that you can stay ahead of the game and even come up with new trends yourself.

  • Keep Your Videos Short

While you might have a lot of creative energy to get off your chest, a key to doing well on TikTok is to keep those videos nice and short. There is a lot of content out there that you’re competing with, which means that in order for your content to stand out, it needs to be short enough to hold people’s attention spans. The recommended length of a TikTok video is between eight and 15 seconds, so try to stick to this as a rule when creating new content. 

  • Consider Outside Help

It’s all very well having a great profile and creating awesome, trending content that people are going to engage with, but if you don’t have your engagement strategy sorted, then you’re going to struggle to compete with others out there. 

This is when it’s a good idea to consider outside help, and start thinking about what you can outsource in order to take a bit of the burden off your shoulders. I

f you buy your followers, just remember that this is a quick fix that won’t make your account look good long-term. If you use a specialized tool, you’ll be able to attract real, active followers that can last a long time. 

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to go about growing your TikTok account, but as you might have suspected, some ways are more effective than others. 

This is why it’s essential that you have your growth and engagement strategy in place before you begin to create any content – otherwise, it will be wasted. Syncing up awesome content with a great content strategy is key to becoming well-known on TikTok, so don’t forget to put a lot of work into this side of things as well.