Top Online Colleges in Utah

Top Online Colleges in Utah

The best thing about online schooling? It’s online! More often than not, location isn’t really a big deal. You can go to an online college that’s based on the other side of the country without many, if any, issues at all. This is why online college is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to learn in today’s busy world.

With that said, location is still important for a lot of people. Whether you’re looking for a way to support local schools, just have a built in pride for your state, or want to be near the center of your online college, it may still be important to you. So here are some of the top online colleges, based right here in Utah!

Western Governors University

WGU, or Western Governors University is a great, affordable, and quality online college. Interestingly enough WGU has universities across many different states. This includes Texas, Nevada, Missouri, Washington, Ohio, and more. This college features exceptionally affordable online programs, with many of them being in the medical and IT fields. 

University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is another online Utah-based college that you may have heard a lot about. This is a little bit different from other online colleges in a few ways. Most importantly, this online university doesn’t just offer associates degrees, or even just bachelors degrees, but even masters degrees!

Don’t worry it doesn’t stop there either. There are also a select amount of doctoral degrees available, including health administration, management, and business administration. This means you can get as much of an education as you’d like, on your own time. 

Of course, there are a lot more online colleges based in Utah that are worth mentioning, but we just simply don’t have enough time for this article. But in all fairness, these two will more than likely fit any and all of your needs.